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Cult Pens 2021 Advent Calendar

Advent Tree

The Cult Pens Japanese Advent Calendar is an advent calendar with a difference. No chocolate. That's it.

No, seriously, it may not have festive-shaped combinations of fat, sugar and cocoa beans in it, but it does contain a collection of (mostly small, but not in all cases) stationery items that are either a) useful, b) cute or c) useful and cute. So they won't damage your teeth (unless you try to eat them, which we don't recommend).

What they will do is satisfy your stationery addiction and fulfil any secret guilty pleasure you may get from using an eraser shaped like a snowman (especially when you're in a board meeting) or running a tiny car over your desk to clean it and making 'vroom, vroom' noises while you do it.

So... the Big Reveal! What's inside? What adds up to just over £100 worth of stuff? Read on if you want to know, but STOP RIGHT HERE if you don't. You have been warned.

1. Tombow MONO Zero Eraser - TM12075-STR

A simple but deeply satisfying little item: a stripey eraser pen just 120mm long and 8mm in diameter, with a delicate 2.3mm eraser for precise erasing.

2. Midori Mini Cleaner Car - MD78680-BU

Cleaning up has never been so much fun! Simply run this little blue car over your desk and its tiny internal brooms will sweep up all the eraser rubbings and pencil shavings, not to mention biscuit crumbs.

3. Midori Multi Ruler - MD78420-CL

Rulers are great, but don't always fit in your pencil case, and if they do, they're just too short. This one isn't, because it opens up on a pivot (which is also a protractor) to measure up to 30cm! A clear and pleasant game-changer.

4. Gelly Roll Mixed Set of 3: Gold, Silver & White - GL58129-GSW

Nothing to do with David Essex but everything to do with lending a bit of sparkle to your writing. The pigment ink contains teeny weeny specks of glitter and is permanent, waterproof and fade-resistant too! Brilliant.

5. Pilot G-Tec-C4 Rollerball Pen - PL00046-BK

Thanks to a specially-designed tip and black bio-polymer ink with flexible viscosity, this ultra-fine rollerball produces a line just 0.2mm wide! Perfect for detailed drawings, graphs, editing, proofreading, annotations, cricket scoring, form filling... the list goes on. Oh, and it's refillable.

6. Uni Emott Fineliner - UN65164-BK

Simple, clean design lines for simple, clean written lines. The black ink is water-resistant, feather-resistant and fadeproof, delivered by a robust, super-fine tip.

7. Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen Crystal Fine - PT61127-F

This is a lovely little fountain pen with all the capability of a much pricier instrument. Refill with Platinum ink cartridges, or fit their international adaptor and use standard cartridges for a greater choice of colours. And you can see what colour's in there and how much you've got left, thanks to the crystal clear barrel!

8. Midori XS Glue Tape - MD78229-BU

This tiny little blue glue tape dispenser contains an astonishing 8m of 5mm wide tape which is perfect for sticking whatever you want to stick into your journal, diary or scrapbook.

9. OHTO Sharp Pencil - OH24313-GN

This is a mechanical pencil that looks like a green wooden pencil, and it's actually made from one! It features a cedarwood barrel and a traditional ferrule, with an eraser which pulls out to reveal the loading slot for a new lead. Just don't try and sharpen it with a pencil sharpener!

10. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen - TM27177-H

This is a firm-tipped brush pen with black ink, ideal for detailed, decorative lettering. Or just for livening up your usual handwriting!

11. Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen - TM08855-N15

A total classic, the ABT Dual Brush pen features a fine tip on one end and a flexible brush tip on the other. The black ink is water-based, which works like watercolour paint and blends effortlessly, and the choice of colours is stupendous!

12. Copic Ciao Marker Pen - CP06978-100

This legendary alcohol marker has twin tips: one chisel and one brush, and can be refilled as well. This one's black, but there are over 300 other colours as well.

13. Midori D-Clips - MD78478-02

Small sausage dog-shaped clips in an equally small box. Much less boring than your bog-standard paper clip!

14. Midori A7 Colour Paper Notebook - MD77723-BG

A thoroughly adorable blue-green mini notebook which contains 80 sheets of A7 ruled paper. Perfectly portable.

15. Iwako Puzzle Eraser - WK85321

A puzzle and an eraser all in one, and shaped like a snowman - you didn't know you needed such a thing, did you? Not for very small people though - keep your under-threes away!

16. mt Washi Masking Tape - 15mm x 10m - MT40259

It'll stick to pretty much anything, and will come off cleanly. It comes in a vast range of colours and designs; it's waterproof and food-safe. Use it to decorate diaries and journals, liven up storage jars, mark something as yours and yours only. You can even use it as tape, and wrap up presents with it! Especially as it's gold (gold-coloured, not real gold).

17. Pilot BegreeN Feed GP4 Ballpoint Pen - PL04668-CL

A very cool 4-colour clear retractable ballpoint with a retro sci-fi feel about the styling. It's refillable and its plastic components are 100% recycled.

18. Pentel Sign Pen - PN02375-BK

Sometimes the simplest things are the best, and that certainly goes for the Pentel Sign Pen. Its fibre tip is ideal not just for signing things and writing things, but also for graphic design and illustration. A best-seller in black ink since 1963.

19. Tombow MONO Edge Highlighter - TM66168-YL

Highlight to your heart's content with this dual-tipped, slim-barrelled pen. It's got the usual chisel tip, which can mark a 4mm width or be turned sideways for a more delicate line. Then it's also got a bullet tip, perfect for underlining. What's more, if you're doing that, the tips are protected by plastic sleeves which means that golden yellow colour won't transfer to your ruler.

20. Midori Sticky Notes - MD77789-8C

Why mark your page with a scrap of paper when you can do so with one of these cute kitty-cats? They'll stick soundly so you don't lose your place, but they'll peel off quite happily too, without damage either to itself or to your notebook. And their little storage case hooks neatly onto a cover, so they're always there for you.

21. Sakura Pigma Micron Drawing Pen - SK21084-01-BK

The Pigma Micron was the first disposable technical pen to use archival ink, and it's still the go-to pen for many artists, designers and illustrators. The tiny 01 tip writes a 0.25mm line and the black ink is acid-free, waterproof, fade-resistant and won't smear, feather or bleed through most papers. Wow!

22. Pentel P200 Series Pencil 0.7mm - PN02364-07

This is a classic professional drafting pencil, with its ISO colour-coded barrel, fixed lead sleeve and ribbed finger grip. The 0.7mm lead is a good all-rounder for general writing and drafting.

23. Midori P-51 Clips Dog - MD78457-01

More doggy clips! More of a Labrador than a Dachshund this time, though, and a bit chunkier. And different colours! Nothing like man's best friend in green.

24. Lihit Lab Book-Type Pen Case in Black - LL44777-BK

The pencil case that gives you more! It opens up like a book, and even has pages of sorts, with lots of slots and pockets to keep all your stationery essentials safe. Or all your Advent Calendar gifts!

7 September 2021


  • Helen W 2 January 2021

    I bought this advent calendar and I loved it. The packaging was beautiful and clearly very well thought out. My only comments are please make next year's version a 25 day calendar and make the calendar with drawers instead of boxes to facilitate reuse. I cannot think of how to reuse the boxes. Overall the contents were well thought out, and whilst I would have loved a bottle of ink as a fountain pen user, I can appreciate it might not have appealed to everyone. More colour products would also be great. In summary, a brilliant calendar and I look forward to the 2022 version.

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