Graf von Faber-Castell - 260 Years of Pencil Perfection

We wrote a blog some time back about the perfect pencil. Not just any perfect pencil, but THE Perfect Pencil, the range from Faber-Castell. It's here, if you want to take a look: 25 Years of Pencil Perfection | Cult Pens. That was over two years ago, and Faber-Castell have another anniversary to celebrate, namely 260 years since their founding in Nuremberg by cabinet maker Caspar Faber. 'Many people don’t know this,' says Count Charles von Faber-Castell, 'but Faber-Castell has been around longer than the United States of America. Our company was actually founded before the enthronement of Catherine the Great and even before the invention of the steam engine. Therefore our company has been around during many monumental historical events – however we also have a rich history of our own.'

The company started out as a pencil manufacturer, and pencils remain a major part of their business, so much so that they have their own forest in Brazil, a third of which is home to hundreds of indigenous species with the rest providing 86% of the wood they need. When you're the producer of two billion pencils a year, you need your own personal forest!

So what better way to mark more than a quarter of a millennium in business than with a limited edition of a Perfect Pencil? It's the ultimate in everyday luxury, after all. It's the most unassuming of writing instruments made good, as all a pencil needs to make it work to the best of its ability is an eraser and a sharpener, and that's exactly what the Perfect Pencil offers. This special commemorative edition is limited to 750 pieces. Its simple, black-barrelled pencil is tipped with an eraser, and protected by a titanium PVD cap which triples up as an extender as well as a housing for the sharpener. And that's it. But the attention to detail is legion. The cap features a hinged pocket clip and is engraved with a pencil motif and its own unique serial number. There is a knurled band, to make it just that little bit easier to grasp. And then there is the crowning glory (literally): a faceted jade is set into the end of the cap - which also makes it part of the sharpener - and is inscribed with 'Graf von Faber-Castell'. There's even a little titanium PVD cap to protect the eraser on the end of the pencil, and the whole is presented in a hinged wooden box, beautiful in its simplicity.

Adds Count Charles: 'The Perfect Pencil is the centerpiece of our Graf von Faber-Castell Collection. This particular product was based around a pocket pencil that was created by my ancestors in the 19th century, and the anniversary edition of the Perfect Pencil is an homage and pays tribute to our longstanding history of innovative products.'

12 April 2021


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