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Brad Dowdy's Ink List

Brads Ink

I want to be honest with you upfront: I own a lot of fountain pen inks. You would think, at some point in the very near future, that my inky acquisition phase would slow down, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. I still have pens that need that perfect shade of purple, or a gold that matches the Autumn leaves. Or maybe I simply need a bit more sparkle in my life! Here are a handful of inks I’m considering filling up with for the remainder of the year.

J. Herbin Vert Atlantide: When I think of shimmer inks, I think of J. Herbin. They release one per year, and it is always a top-tier release. Vert Atlantide is no different, despite a later than normal launch. The dark green with gold and silver sparkles make it perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

Pelikan Edelstein Moonstone: Did I mention I like annual releases? Moonstone is the colour of the year for Pelikan, and is certain to be a popular one. I hear there may even be a certain pen you could match it with?

Robert Oster Aussie Gold: I like seasonal colours to put me in the writing mood, and this shade of yellow reminds of a peak Fall colour I see when leaves begin to change. Paired with a brown or red leaning pen barrel and I can just feel the temperatures dropping.

Brads Ink

Montblanc Amethyst Purple: For a well-known, worldwide brand, Montblanc’s standard ink colours don’t get near enough love as they should. The colours and performance are excellent, and the price is as good or better than much of their competition. Amethyst Purple is up next on my shopping list.

Sailor Manyo Ume: Wow, I really have a Fall theme going here, don’t I? Not only are Sailor’s Manyo inks my favourite inky release of the past year, their second round of colours has me wanting to expand my collection. The bright red of Ume looks like a perfect addition.

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13 October 2020


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