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Mechanical Pencil Day

Mechanical Pencil Day

A celebration of mechanical pencils. We love mechanical pencils, and we wanted a day to share that with everyone. The perfect date seemed clear to us - 05/07, the most popular lead sizes!

Special Offers

We have a lot of special offers for Mechanical Pencil Day - you can see them all here. There are savings on some of the best mechanical pencils in the world.

Blog Posts

We have quite a line-up of blog posts coming up to read, including guest contributions.


Frequently? You only started this last year!

Yes. Sorry. We're kind of anticipating what people might ask. But that's how most FAQ pages start. And we did get a few questions last year too.

So when is it? 05/07, or 07/05?

Depends if you're American. Here in the UK, and most of the rest of the world, it's 05/07, but the USA does dates differently. In any case, it's on the fifth of July.

But what is it?

A day to celebrate mechanical pencils! They're wonderfully flexible little tools, working with admirable reliability, with some amazing technology and innovation at very reasonable costs. They're simple and practical, and one of the best tools around for taking notes, drawing and sketching, filling in your diary - almost any purpose where you don't expect anyone to intentionally erase your work.

How did it start?

Well, it was our idea. There was a fountain pen day already, which is great, and we love it. Yes, we're not exactly faithful to mechanical pencils, we love fountain pens too. And all sorts of other pens and pencils. But mechanical pencils seemed to us like they needed some extra love.

So who can join in?

Anyone with a fondness for mechanical pencils, or who wants to try using one to see how it goes for them! We're a shop, and if we're not the shop with the widest selection of mechanical pencils in the world, we've got to be pretty close. So, yes, we'd love to sell you a mechanical pencil. We'll have some great offers on the day.

But that's not all it's for. If you just want to talk about why you love mechanical pencils, get to your favourite social media site and use the hashtag #MechanicalPencilDay - Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, it's all good. Tumblr for the kids, and we hear there's a new SnapChat thing around these days too, but we're too old for that. Is MySpace still a thing? We'll have to ask our LiveJournal readers.

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