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Zero ZE205 Tameiki 3-Second Desk Pen. A solid metal desk pen from Zero, it's an innovative design not too dissimilar to that of the Pen Type-A; a close fitting pen that slides smoothly into a snug pen stand.

The Tameiki 3-Second pen gets its name from the fact that it takes 3 seconds to descend into its housing once it has been set down. It might take longer, but, we're so busy playing with it that we seem to lose track of time.

Some pretty precise work goes into making the 3-Second pens. Thanks to the wonders of high precision Japanese engineering, the pen and its housing are machined with a spacing of just 20 Micron (thats 0.02mm, or 61.5 times smaller than the eye of a needle).

Removing the pen from the stand results in a satisfying pop as air rushes back into the vacuum left in the base. When the pen is placed back into the stand, it very slowly sinks down into the body. The resulting air pressure created inside the stand causes the pen to slow. As it does, an aluminium ring is forced upwards, also by the air pressure. Once the pen has reached the very bottom of the stand, the aluminium ring then descends to sit flush with the top of the pen stand. The small part to the left of the pen in the above images prevents the aluminium ring from jumping out of the base. The action has to be seen to be believed, seriously, check out the video above to see what we're on about!

Supplied with one Pilot BRFN-10 refill.

Pen is machined from aluminium whilst the base is made from brass to make it weighty enough to stay put even on the most active desk. Pen measures: 8.9mm wide, 117mm long, weighs: 28g. Dimensions with stand: 28mm wide; 121mm tall. Total weight with stand: 348g.

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Product Code:ZR31158
Ink Type:Oil-based
Item Material:Metal
Refill Type:Refillable
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Ingenious gravity-driven, air-cushioned pen and desk stand

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