TWSBI GO Spring Loaded Fountain Pen Sapphire Zoom TWSBI GO Spring Loaded Fountain Pen Sapphire

Fast to fill, fast to empty, the TWSBI GO is a great value piston-filled pen with super speedy spring action.

Available in a good range of nib sizes, the GO could be the perfect pen for people who love ink. It's a piston-filler, but with a mechanism quite different to most. Instead of using a twist action, where you wind the piston down, then wind it back up to fill, it's a single-stroke push action. Unscrew the barrel, then just push the piston down, and the spring pushes it back up. That makes it quicker and easier to empty and flush out, which is ideal if you like to change inks often.

It's not a pen for everyone. Some would see the big visible spring as being rather unsightly, and the simplified mechanism as being rather inelegant. Many of TWSBI's designs, though, are squarely aimed at fountain pen geeks; and to them (oh, ok, us) there's nothing more beautiful than seeing exactly how the pen works, and watching the ink flow through it. And there's always an elegance in simplicity.

Many of us are just as interested by the ink as by the pens that apply it to paper, and the GO could be a game-changer there. It's quicker to empty, quicker to flush out, and quicker to fill up again. And for the price of a single self-filling pen from most other brands, you could keep several TWSBI GO pens filled up and ready to GO!

135mm long capped, 125mm uncapped. 175mm long posted. 14mm wide, narrowing to 8.5mm at the grip. Weighs 16g. No pocket clip - the cap includes a lanyard loop, which could also be used for charms, or even attaching labels to remind you which ink is in which pen.

Additional Information

Product Code:TW62111
Ink Type:Liquid Ink
Item Colour:Blue
Refill Type:Fountain Pen Ink, Self-filling
Tip Material:Steel
Tip Type:Fountain Pen
  • Spring-action piston-filled fountain pen
  • Quicker to empty, flush and fill
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