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Most people only occasionally use a wood-cased pencil, and any sharpener will do. For those of us who enjoy using pencils more, the length of the tip starts to become important. There are specialist sharpeners that put a longer, thinner point on the pencil, which are perfect for detailed work or just for a tip that stays fine enough to use for longer; and there are sharpeners that give a more blunt point, often used for coloured pencils. The problem is that you need a different sharpener for each.

Unless you have the K'Zool Adjustable Sharpener from Kutsuwa.

It has a numbered dial, and turning the dial changes the point it will put on your pencil, from a relatively blunt tip suited for coloured pencils or very soft graphite leads, to a sharp point that's good for detailed work with harder lead grades.

How does it work then? A dial on the back of the sharpener moves a little block inside, which stops the pencil when the tip reaches it. By moving the block, you can change how much of a point you end up with. At its bluntest setting, the wood will be shaved back, with just a bit of blunt point left showing, while the sharpest setting will make a full-length point on the pencil.

Why would you want a blunt pencil? Well, some coloured pencils and very soft leads can be very breakable - putting a sharp tip on them just wastes the pencil, as it will just snap straight off. Better to leave them a bit blunt and lose less of the pencil to the sharpening process.

Slide-close hatch covering the pencil hole helps prevent pencil shavings from escaping, whilst a button at the centre of the point adjustment dial allows for the easy ejection of any snapped off leads that may become jammed in the sharpener.

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