Cult Pens Deep Dark Fountain Pen Ink by Diamine 30ml Zoom Cult Pens Deep Dark Fountain Pen Ink by Diamine 30ml

Introducing our range of Cult Pens Deep Dark inks for fountain pens, specially created by the ink boffins at Diamine.

Cult Pens Deep Dark inks are perfect for all occasions - dark enough to use for business, but with a richness to their colours that make them more interesting than most. They're crafted for us in Liverpool, by Diamine, so they are among the safest and most reliable fountain pen inks available.

Cult Pens Deep Dark Blue, our first ink, is a rich and pleasing colour that matches our logo perfectly. When first in contact with paper, Deep Dark Blue ink leaves a satisfyingly deep dark line that dries to a strong blue-black, with hints of purple. We started with a limited production run, but people loved it so much that it's here to stay, with the addition of smaller bottles and cartridges. In fact, it was so popular that we decided to try another colour!

Deep Dark Brown brings the same richness to another hue. When wet, it looks almost black, but the warm, earthy walnut-brown shade appears as it dries. The result is a colour that doesn't stand out too much, but gives your writing more character than a black ink would. It's a great ink for drawing and sketching too - darker than most sepia inks, but with a warmth that's missing in black. A wet brush can draw some colour from your lines, but there's enough water resistance that the lines remain visible.

Deep Dark Green provides a highly-saturated dark green hue. Like our other Deep Dark Inks, when wet, the line is almost black, then as the ink dries, the satisfying deep green colour emerges. There's plenty of shading to be had, a smooth, wet writing pen will bring this out best.

Deep Dark Red is something we have wanted ever since the inception of Deep Dark Blue. Sure, there are plenty of dark red inks available, but nothing quite deep enough for our liking. When the ink dries, it becomes a deep burgundy colour perfect for calligraphy or as a daily writer.

Deep Dark Purple By popular demand, we've got ourselves a deep dark purple ink. It's deep, it's dark and it is, thankfully, still purple. Just what you've been asking for!

Deep Dark Orange didn't even sound possible, but Diamine managed it. A bit brighter than its stablemates, Deep Dark Orange is an intense and unusual colour with plenty of shading.

All of these inks are also available in 80ml bottles and cartridges.

You can find out more about Diamine and how Cult Pens Deep Dark Blue Ink came to life via our blog.

Additional Information

Product Code:CU28675
Ink Type:Liquid Ink
Refill Type:Bottled Ink, Fountain Pen Ink
Cult pensCu deep dark ink
Was £2.67 inc VAT £2.23 ex VAT £2.67 inc VAT £2.23 ex VAT
£2.35 inc VAT £1.96 ex VAT



Deep Dark Brown
- +
CU28675-BN In stock
£2.35 inc VAT £1.96 ex VAT £2.67 inc VAT £2.23 ex VAT
Deep Dark Blue
- +
CU28675-BU In stock
£2.35 inc VAT £1.96 ex VAT £2.67 inc VAT £2.23 ex VAT
Deep Dark Green
- +
CU28675-GN In stock
£2.35 inc VAT £1.96 ex VAT £2.67 inc VAT £2.23 ex VAT
Deep Dark Orange
- +
CU28675-OR In stock
£2.35 inc VAT £1.96 ex VAT £2.67 inc VAT £2.23 ex VAT
Deep Dark Purple
- +
CU28675-PU In stock
£2.35 inc VAT £1.96 ex VAT £2.67 inc VAT £2.23 ex VAT
Deep Dark Red
- +
CU28675-RD In stock
£2.35 inc VAT £1.96 ex VAT £2.67 inc VAT £2.23 ex VAT
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