We buy a lot of pens. Well, we have to, really, because you want to buy them from us. But we love pens, and sometimes we buy too many. We know a lot of you are thinking that there's no such thing as too many pens. We thought so too. We really thought we could handle it. But it's getting to be too much. Even for us. There are pens everywhere. We've lost a couple of desks under them.

Last week, the spaniel went missing for an hour and a half, and turned out to be stuck behind a mountain of gift sets. We thought a member of staff was off sick, but they had just got lost, high up in some of our excess stock of rollerballs. We needed help from some experienced climbers to rescue them. At that point, we realised something had to be done.

So here's the plan. We'll put them here, nice and cheap, and you'll buy them. Deal?

Good. Here you go:

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