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Fountain Pens

Fountain pens are still considered by many to be the only proper pens. At Cult Pens we don't subscribe to such a narrow view, but we do like a nice fountain pen. There's a bewildering variety available from a few pounds to several hundred (and to several thousand pounds if you really want). Just remember that beyond around £150 you're not buying a better writing experience, you're buying additional barrel ornamentation. Most sub-£100 pens employ steel nibs, while above that they tend to use gold nibs, which can give a better feel, but don't get hung up on it. Any decent quality steel-nib pen writes perfectly smoothly. You can experience the joys of fountain pens from as little as three or four pounds - try the Platinum Preppy or the Pilot VPen - and exceptionally good pens can be had between £10 and £20 - try the Lamy safari and OHTO Tasche.

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