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Left-Handed Pens

Whether as a left-handed person you need a left-handed pen depends upon your writing style. We have left-handers at Cult Pens that have no problem using any of our pens. Left-handed fountain pens nibs are open to debate - most fountain pens have rounded tips that work well in any direction, and 'LH' nibs simply improve slightly on this. Otherwise we have two other categories of left-handed pens. There are ergonomic grip pens with appropriately-moulded grips for left-handers; and there are pens that feature particularly quick-drying ink which helps if your writing posture tends to smudge your writing.  The king here is the Uni Jetstream range - super-smooth and super-fast drying. 

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Uni Jetstream Colours Hybrid Ink Rollerball Pen SXN-150C
Uni Jetstream Colours Hybrid Ink Rollerball Pen SXN-150C Super-smooth rollerball with ultra-fast-drying ink
Only £2.05 inc VAT £1.71 ex VAT 33% off
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