Zebra Mildliner

Before the Mildliner came along, highlighters were bright. Vivid and neon. Colours you couldn't ignore. They were made to grab your attention and make you look at what they highlighted.

That's what highlighters were for, so nobody questioned it. Until Zebra did. They thought perhaps sometimes people would want to highlight things a bit more gently. Point something out, but not in such an overt way. Or maybe classify the items in a list by colour without making you feel like the list was being yelled at you.

So they created the Mildliner. It's a highlighter. It still highlights things. But not so aggressively. It's the Tai Chi to the traditional highligher's Krav Maga. The cup of green tea to the traditional highlighter's espresso. The Quavers to the traditonal highlighter's Scampi 'n' Lemon Nik Naks...

What? Oh, sorry, I got a bit carried away. They're pastel highlighters.

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