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Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen

Tombow ABT pens have two tips - one fine tip, and one soft brush-shaped tip. Use the fine tip for details, places where you need a predictable line width, and for stencils. The brush tip can be used for more painted effects, and for hugely varied and expressive lines.

Water-based and water-soluble ink means these pens can be blended with plain water - no need for special blending 'ink'. The blending pen is a convenient way to do this anywhere, but any brush can work with some water for blending. Make custom mixes of colours by scribbling with different pens on a non-porous shiny surface, and using any brush to mix the colours for the result you want. Tombow's own blending kit is the most convenient way to do this, and includes a blending brush, water spray bottle, palette and guide.

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Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen
Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen Versatile art pen in huge colour range
Only £2.35 inc VAT £1.96 ex VAT £3.95 inc VAT £3.29 ex VAT Save £1.60 inc VAT £1.33 ex VAT 40% off
Tombow ABT PRO Dual Brush Pen
Tombow ABT PRO Dual Brush Pen ABT pens with alcohol-based ink
Only £4.50 inc VAT £3.75 ex VAT 4% off
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