Silvine Originals

If this laurel wreath design looks familiar then you're probably now wondering why visions of blue-stained fingers and the smell of classroom chalk is on your mind. No, you're not going mad: the Silvine Originals range revisits the old red glossy covered notebooks so familiar to those of us of a certain age, who used them to learn to write and spell and produce essays.

These updated versions have matt covers rather than glossy ones, and there are no conversion tables on the back, but they're made in the same factory as the originals, using machinery that has been making notebooks for six generations. Durability is ensured by the hand-finished calico binding and the Singer sewing-machined spines, which have fully-finished ends so that they don't unravel.

The slightly off-white paper inside is 90gsm, and feels ever so slightly textured. Not enough to throw your writing off, but just enough to give it some character.

There's a Silvine notebook for every occasion. They are, after all, a celebration of the functional: true British icons, reinvented.

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