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Is it possible for a pencil to be legendary? If it is, the Blackwing is first in line for the status. Loved for many years by artists, writers, animators, composers, poets and more. Used to draw Bugs Bunny, among many others; to write books and symphonies; movie soundtracks; and to sketch out many works of art.

When it was discontinued, many people were sad, and tracked down any remaining stock they could find. But the love for the Blackwing meant it had to return, so Palomino brought it back, putting its manufacture into the hands of people who loved pencils just as those who used the Blackwing loved theirs.

So now we all have the chance to own the legendary Blackwing pencil. And this time it's accompanied by a range of special editions and beautiful accessories, to make owning the best even more special.

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