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Benu make pens in some seriously wild patterns and materials, and we love them. It took us longer than it should have to start stocking them - we had samples. We loved them. They were just so bright and colourful, with glitter and flakes of gold in the resins! But we decided they were just too wild for other people to want them.

Fortunately, we had another think about this later, and realised that if we all loved them, maybe we're not as strange as we think. Or, maybe we are, but some of our customers are just as strange. Either way, we realised we just had to share them with you.

Based in Yerevan, Armenia, Benu was founded by Alex Semanin and Kate Dmitrieva, who wanted to use their background in watches, jewellery and home decor, to make writing instruments with a strong emphasis on fun, with bright and stylish designs. We love them, and we don't think we're going to be alone in that!

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Benu Minima
Benu Minima 5 Items
Benu Euphoria
Benu Euphoria 17 Items
Benu Briolette
Benu Briolette 18 Items
Benu Scepter
Benu Scepter 11 Items
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