• Hurray For Coloured Pencils!

    Hurray For Coloured Pencils!

    17 March 2020

    Cult Pens Sponsors the U.K. Coloured Pencil Society's 'Botanical' Competition Coloured pencils are brilliant. Well, we know that, and you probably know that, but not everybody knows that, and so the UK Coloured Pencil Society was formed in 2001 to put the word out that yes, ......Read More

  • Esterbrook


    17 March 2020

    The Esterbrook Pen Company is a true American original brand which was revived in 2018 by Kenro Industries. English innovator and industrial visionary Richard Esterbrook established the Esterbrook Pen Company in 1858. Little did he know at the time that the company would soon flourish into ......Read More

  • From Cabbages to Kingcups - Interview with Ann Swan, Botanical Artist

    From Cabbages to Kingcups - Interview with Ann Swan, Botanical Artist

    3 March 2020

    There's something strangely compelling about botanical art. It has an almost old-fashioned air about it, which is understandable given that in days of yore the likes of Charles Darwin could hardly whip out an iPhone to take a quick pic of a hitherto-unknown plant, and ......Read More

  • Journaling into Spring with Helen Colebrook

    Journaling into Spring with Helen Colebrook

    3 March 2020

    Journaling is not going away. Not that we want it to..! Far from being a flash in the pan, it has fast become an intrinsic part of many people's lives; it's become a habit, a bit like brushing teeth or putting the bins out on ......Read More

  • 'Hola!' to ola!

    'Hola!' to ola!

    17 February 2020

    In the year that marks the fifth anniversary of their signature Layflat Notebook, we say 'Hola!' to ola! Unsurprisingly, ola founder Katy Goutefangea is a great fan of the humble notebook. Well, you wouldn’t go to the trouble of creating an object if you didn't really ......Read More

  • Pentel Energel - Mission Impossible

    Pentel Energel - Mission Impossible

    17 February 2020

    Tom Cruise has nothing to do with this - I should just point that out now. And no, Simon Pegg doesn't feature either. Sorry. But it felt like Mission Impossible when Pentel innovators were asked, in the late 1990s, to develop an entirely new ink. ......Read More

  • Dotty About Paper

    Dotty About Paper

    4 February 2020

    Lisa Forde was so dotty about paper she decided to start selling some. And she named her company… The Card Gallery! Oh. So where did Dotty About Paper come from? Good question. When Lisa was preparing to get married in 2002, she realised there really wasn't ......Read More

  • ST Dupont

    ST Dupont

    4 February 2020

    In 1872, innovator and photographer Simon Tissot Dupont founded S.T. Dupont, a Parisian maison dedicated to producing 'exceptional goods for exceptional people'. Initially offering leather briefcases to businessmen, he progressed to luxury travel trunks and cases coveted by the European elite, and he supplied no ......Read More

  • How to Draw in 3D - with Mark Wemyss-Holden and IsoSketch

    How to Draw in 3D - with Mark Wemyss-Holden and IsoSketch

    21 January 2020

    Think you can't draw? Well, maybe you can. Contrary to popular belief, drawing is actually a skill you can learn, at least the mechanics anyway. What you produce may not win any prizes and will probably not render you famous after you have shuffled off ......Read More

  • Journaling for Financial Planning

    Journaling for Financial Planning

    2 January 2020

    Look - nobody likes talking about money. It's like that advert for a high street bank where ordinary people sit around looking uncomfortable and saying 'um…' and 'well…' Maybe it's because we don't have enough (or think we don't). Or because our upbringing taught us ......Read More

  • Becoming: A Guided Journal to Discovering Your Voice - Review by Amanda

    Becoming: A Guided Journal to Discovering Your Voice - Review by Amanda

    6 December 2019

    Whilst enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon reading the papers a couple of weeks ago, I learnt that former First Lady Michelle Obama had released a 'guided journal' and immediately ordered it. Why? Because I'm a journaler myself (I'm also a First Lady - sort ......Read More

  • Woody Windows

    Woody Windows

    6 December 2019

    Who would have thought that what amounts to a child's stubby colouring pencil could be capable of so much? At first glance, the STABILO Woody is a short, chunky pencil that's perfectly suited to small people who need something they can grab hold of and ......Read More

  • Get to Grips With a Grip

    Get to Grips With a Grip

    6 December 2019

    It all began with a pencil - one of the oldest, simplest and some would say best, writing instruments in the world. At the request of Dr Gerhard Lugert, Faber-Castell's Head of R&D, innovators Roland Boch and Udo Beck fashioned a triangular barrel and put some ......Read More

  • The STABILO Pen 68

    The STABILO Pen 68

    27 November 2019

    STABILO's Pen 68. It's a pretty good colouring pen, isn't it? Well there's actually more to it than meets the eye, and it wasn't until Paula and Vanya from STABILO came along for a visit that we found out that it was a bit more ......Read More

  • Fountain Pentel

    Fountain Pentel

    12 November 2019

    It's the sort of pen that flies under the radar a bit, unless you've experienced one. It's not a known pen, if you see what I mean. You don't? That's OK. I'll attempt to explain. The Fountain Pentel, also known as the JM20 Stylo, is a… ......Read More

  • Artist of the Month - Carrie Dennison

    Artist of the Month - Carrie Dennison

    12 November 2019

    Carrie Dennison, using Faber-Castell PITT artist pens, is the talent behind the banner for the November 2019 issue of Penorama. As usual, we were nosy, and asked her for a bit of background. Tell us a bit more about yourself… I’m Carrie Dennison and I’m a self-employed ......Read More

  • Eight Interesting Fountain Pens You Might Not Know About

    Eight Interesting Fountain Pens You Might Not Know About

    30 October 2019

    That title is a bit click-bait, isn't it? Sorry about that. Don't worry, number seven won't blow your mind. Number four might a little, but it can't be helped. And we're not saying you definitely won't have heard of these pens, but unless you're an ......Read More

  • Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks

    Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks

    25 October 2019

    Drawing inks. What are they? And what makes them different to, say, watercolour paint? Well, we had a vague idea, but we thought it best to consult someone who knows, and that someone was artist and lecturer Stuart Edmundson, who we've previously consulted on Winsor ......Read More

  • Journal with Purpose - the Book!

    Journal with Purpose - the Book!

    10 October 2019

    I've always wanted to do an author interview! And now I can, because Journal with Purpose's Helen Colebrook is an author as well as a journaler supremo. Up until now, Helen has been a pretty straightforward kind of gal, but now that she's an author ......Read More

  • Guest Post: Brad Dowdy - Shimmer Ink: Don't be Shy!

    Guest Post: Brad Dowdy - Shimmer Ink: Don't be Shy!

    30 September 2019

    Will they damage my pens? Will they clog the nib? Will they be hard to clean? I watched from the sidelines as shimmer inks gained in popularity, yet I still couldn’t get past these questions for my own personal use. We live in a digital world, ......Read More

  • What's New in Ink in 2019?

    What's New in Ink in 2019?

    27 September 2019

    It's Inktober, and things always feel pretty inky around this time of year, but this has felt like quite an inky year all round. A lot of new ink has arrived here at Cult Pens, including a couple of new brands, and there have been ......Read More

  • Guest Post: Doodle Me This

    Guest Post: Doodle Me This

    23 September 2019

    A guest post from Doodle Me This, who makes lots of lovely simple drawing tutorials on Instagram and YouTube. Why do I doodle? I work full time as a marketing manager in London, and although I love it, there are times when it is utterly mad. In ......Read More

  • Winsor & Newton Inks and Studio Gill

    Winsor & Newton Inks and Studio Gill

    11 September 2019

    We recently introduced you to Stephanie Gill in the World Calligraphy Day issue of Penorama, and we promised we'd elaborate. Well, this is us, elaborating! Stephanie is a calligrapher and botanical illustrator who runs Studio Gill in London. She was introduced to us via one of ......Read More

  • Artist of the Month: Baz Furnell

    Artist of the Month: Baz Furnell

    10 September 2019

    Baz Furnell is the incredible talent behind the astonishing banner for the September issue of Penorama, which he created using Uni-ball's PIN drawing pens. By day he's a mild-mannered prison officer, but by night he works on highly intricate mandala art that fairly jumps off ......Read More

  • Plastics, a Four-Letter Word

    Plastics, a Four-Letter Word

    27 August 2019

    Sir David Attenborough is a bit of a crusader. At an age when many people have succumbed to tartan slippers and mobility scooters - or worse, the ultimate bed-rest - he's still out there, bringing the natural world into our living rooms. And despite being ......Read More

  • Artsynibs - One Year On

    Artsynibs - One Year On

    9 August 2019

    A guest post by Artsynibs, who we were lucky enough to learn a lot from back when she taught a calligraphy workshop here at Cult Pens. About this time last year, I shared the beginnings of the Artsynibs journey as part of Cult Pens' World Calligraphy ......Read More

  • The History of Calligraphy

    The History of Calligraphy

    9 August 2019

    At the risk of being assaulted by a sharpened nib, may I just say that we don't need to do calligraphy these days. Word (other word processors are available!) has a pretty comprehensive list of different typefaces to choose from, and scanners and photocopiers make ......Read More

  • Blink Lettering

    Blink Lettering

    9 August 2019

    A guest post from Milly of Blink Lettering - how she got started with calligraphy, and how it became more than just a hobby. How it all started I’m a graphic designer by day, which I absolutely love, I feel so lucky that I get to be ......Read More

  • Castelli - Meet The Brand

    Castelli - Meet The Brand

    15 July 2019

    Aren't these beautiful? They're a work of art, but in notebook form, a truly pleasurable way to keep track of your thoughts and things to do. Little touches, like the printed page edges and the elegant black endpapers, turn what's essentially a fairly mundane everyday ......Read More

  • The Sharp End - from Dave's Mechanical Pencils

    The Sharp End - from Dave's Mechanical Pencils

    1 July 2019

    A guest post from the much-loved Dave's Mechanical Pencils, all about the sharp end of your pencils. Mechanical pencils can be divided into two main groups – the general writing pencils and the technical pencils. Many people like to use a technical pencil, sometimes because they ......Read More

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