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FLEXBOOK - Yours For A Lifetime

FLEXBOOK - Yours For A Lifetime

Flexibility in a notebook is often at the expense of durability. You can fold the pages back with no problem, but then find they fall out, or the cover has been bent so often it disintegrates after a time. Or it's the other way round: there's little chance of pages taking leave of the spine, but the book is so stiff you have to lean on it to keep it flat just so you can write something in it. How exhausting!

Not so with the Flexbook. Thanks to a patented innovative bookbinding technique developed by the company's Production Director Dimitris Chasapakis, the Flexbook can be laid open flat, its cover can be folded all the way behind, and it'll be in just as good a condition several years down the line as it was when you bought it. What's more, the pages are seamless, that is, you could start writing on the left hand page and carry your line across to the right hand page. Same with drawings and sketches: no need to limit yourself to, say, A5 when you could expand to A4. It also makes scanning and copying that much easier.

And then they have all the accoutrements you'd expect with a great quality notebook: a simply-designed cover that won't steal the thunder of what you fill it with; an elastic closure, just to keep it all together; rounded corners (less chance of damage or poking your eye out); a way of marking your page (a FLEXme bookmark); and beautiful ivory paper made in Fabriano, an Italian town that has been in the paper-making business for 750 years.

As Flexbook puts it, 'it will be your companion for a lifetime.'

7 September 2021


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