Staff Picks, Memories and Tips

Since it’s our birthday, we asked everyone for their top products, favourite memories, and top tips. Not everyone had time to write up their thoughts - some were too busy getting your orders out - but a few of us did, and here we are…


Favourite Cult Pens Product

It varies, but currently the BIGiDESIGN Ti Arto EDC. I borrowed a sample we had when we all scattered for cover from Covid, and hoped nobody would notice. Not doing myself any favours here, am I? Hopefully nobody who works here will read this blog post.

Why? I love trying different refills, and I change my mind reasonably often about what I like. So a pen that can use just about any refill is great. So far, I’m really liking the Schneider Gelion it came with - really good gel refills. My usual favourite is the Schneider Slider 755 XB.

Cult Pens/Ruitertassen Notebook CoverHonourable Mention: CP/R Notebook Cover. I love it, I just don’t take notes on paper enough to actually carry it everywhere now. But it takes the idea of a notebook cover and makes it perfect (well, to me, anyway, tastes vary!)

Best Memory

Amy made a mandalaThere have been a lot in the time I’ve been here! I’m going to go with one that’s a bit meta. Someone I know (International Ridicule) makes property trading games, based around TV shows, movies, bands, and all sorts of other things. But also makes custom ones. I spent a while coming up with ideas, and he made us a Cult Pens Monop… er, no, not that, a generic property trading game. It’s got tiny versions of our shelves for houses, drawer units for hotels. Different pens and pencils for the properties. And all the chance and community chest cards are based on different in jokes. Admittedly we don’t have much time for playing it, but it’s a great thing to have around the office.

I could go a bit earlier than most, though - like the time I build the first furniture in the empty office building so we’d have desks to sit at, and chairs to sit on.

Top Stationery Tip

I love pens that use standard types of refill. That way, you’ll always have lots of options in future. That’s my favourite thing about the Ti Arto mentioned above, all the different refills it can use. But any pen that uses standard rollerball refills or ‘Parker-style’ G2 ballpoint refills will give you a lot of choice.


Favourite Cult Pens Product

Several, but for the purposes of this, the Caran d’Ache 849 ballpoint, vibrant colours, great to collect, especially the tinned versions. And the Pilot Falcon (I don’t have one but love them). Flexible fountain pen nib for different line widths, old school styling, classic fountain pen. And a Castelli Eden Notebook to brighten your desk.

Best Memory

Testing new products is always fun, especially when we have meetings with lots of samples and they are passed round for input. Everyone has a different opinion, which is what makes it interesting, but we all got really excited when Diamine started producing Cult Pens Deep Dark Ink and we had lots of colours to choose from.

Top Stationery Tip

Always clean your fountain pens out if you’re not going to be using them for a while, flush them through and dry before storing. If you use daily, it’s also worth cleaning them occasionally to ensure a long happy life.

Amy made a mandalaAmy

Favourite Cult Pens Product

Helix circle maker. A great tool for crafters and card makers and doesn’t make a hole in the middle of your art work like a traditional compass (also I imagine it is easier than a compass for those not so dexterous).


A mandala design using the Helix circle maker and a POSCA’d candle holder/vase/pen pot made from a well-known brand bolognese sauce jar.

Amy decorated a jar

And I love, love, love POSCA. Fab colours, lots of tip sizes and write on virtually any surface.

Rookie Error

I once emailed a customer saying “Sorry to hear that your pen is broken” and missed out the most crucial space – luckily the customer responded in laughter.

Top Stationery Tip

Place small piece of paper over your art work where your hand is resting, so that you don’t rub/smudge what you have already done or any clean space, with your hand.

Good tip for creative journalers – some pens/inks will bleed through the page, so keep a scrap/loose sheet at the back of your journal and place it between the page you are working on and the next - this keeps the next page clean.


Favourite Cult Pens Product

Narwhal Navy Porpita - so very excited about the new exclusive Narwhal coming as part of the Birthday activity!

Best Memory

Watching the Ops team (the team who pick and pack all your orders) pull together and SMASH IT after lockdown last year so we could continue to get our customer orders out even with social distancing measures in place. Great job and great teamwork in very difficult circumstances.

Top Stationery Tip

Try out different products because everyone’s pen, pencil, marker, notebook, paper, etc preferences are very different (although Atoma notebooks are very good!)


Favourite Cult Pens Product

CdA 849 Ballpoint – always preferred writing with ballpoints and the 849 is really smooth. Plus it has a load of good designs including a Cult Pens exclusive.

Best Memory

Work related - We’ve had some pretty big product launches but the Lamy Safaris always stand out for me. I think it was the Dark Lilac in 2016 which was in so many of the orders on the first day that we didn’t bother putting the stock onto a shelf, but picked it straight from the delivery box. And that was before we had pre-orders on the site.

Team related – The 1st Christmas Eve I worked we decided wear onesies and pjs for the day. Although it can get a little warm when running around picking, myself and some of the team are still doing this each year.

Top Stationery Tip

When we were in the office and I was working on a lot of paperwork, I used to rely on highlighters a lot. At least two colours and the quicker drying the better.

10 May 2021


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