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Back in 2018, we left a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of a blog entitled The Dynamic Duo of Diamine, hinting that there was more to come from them in terms of unusual ink. So we thought October - traditionally associated with ink, at least in the art and stationery world - was a good time to give you an update.

Since the advent of Robert and Maureen, Cult Pens' 80ml Iridescinks made specially for us by Diamine, we've added new members to the family: Philip and Christine (in honour of the Diamine Duo) and now Herbert. And of course there are all their little 30ml-sized offspring: Bob, Mo, Pip, Chris and Herbie.

Diamine seemed to like creating these beautiful sheening inks, despite the fact that they're a lot more difficult to produce than standard ink, or even sparkling inks such as their Shimmer range. To get a sheen, you can only use certain coloured inks, which limits the palette somewhat. That’s why the majority of sheening inks have some element of blue in them. So, as well as helping us with the Iridescinks, Diamine introduced sheening inks into their unique and incredibly well-received Inkvent Calendar, which was available in 2019. CdA These special inks were called Festive Cheer, Holly, Noel, Midnight Hour, Polar Glow and Seasons Greetings. Sadly, due to these Strange Times, there won’t be one this year, but you can still enjoy the 25 gorgeous colours in the form of the Blue Edition collection. Not only is there a choice of standard, shimmering and sheening inks to choose from, the bottles themselves have their own appeal, because they've got legs! Yes, really, little stubby legs. Nothing to do with ZZ Top, but everything to do with having a little bit of quirky eccentricity on your desk.


Something that is to do with ZZ Top, at least one of the members, is the Gibson Les Paul Guitar inks, created by Diamine to celebrate this most iconic of stringed instruments. Not surprisingly, bearing in mind the inspiration, all but one of the colours is a shade of brown, from deep red through to dark gold, apart from Pelham Blue, which is… er, well, blue.

This year for Diamine things have been a little slower than in previous years - hardly surprising. But no doubt, just as the original Dynamic Duo survived the infernal plotting of their foes, so too will Phil and Christine. Masks have never been so effective!

30 September 2020


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