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A Big Birthday Thank You

A Big Birthday Thank you

When you have a birthday, it's a good idea to say 'thank you' - for cards, presents, cake, phone calls, texts and messages. And that's exactly what we'd like to do. We really are extremely proud of our 5 star rating with Trustpilot, but we wouldn't have earned that rating if it wasn't for two things (and they're quite important):

  1. That we do a good job
  2. That you - our customers - are motivated enough to say so

We don't have to do a good job, but if we didn't there might not actually be a Cult Pens. So how do we do it?

Well, needless to say it's a team effort. We all pitch in (and we're multi-skilled you know: we pick, we pack, we answer the phone, we wrestle with spreadsheets, try and predict sales without the benefit of a crystal ball and think up numerous synonyms for the word 'pen').

Customer Service HerbieThe Customer Service team is not just polite and helpful (which is what a customer service team should be) but they're knowledgeable, friendly and cheerful as well. The Operations guys and gals keep the warehouse stocked and the orders out on time, and try not to disappear too often behind mountains of boxes. The Purchasing boys make sure we've got plenty of products to sell, and that we don't run out too often, and organise a human chain whenever an Ops person has been imprisoned by cardboard. The Accounts chaps pay our bills so we can still get stock delivered, and are totally awesome when it comes to spreadsheets. And they're good at maths. The Products team keeps the website ticking over, with crispy-clear images and scintillating descriptions to make sure you know what you’re buying. They're not so good at maths, but they are good at art and English. The Marketing team keeps our social media presence lively and informative, and thinks up new and splendid offers to make sure you all get the best value for money. Above all, we love what we do, and it's easier to do something well when you enjoy doing it.

And you chaps don't have to give any feedback, but fortunately for us, you do. Not just through Trustpilot but through our Customer Service team. And we really love getting all your comments, suggestions and arty contributions! Here is a (believe it or not, very small) selection:

'I had two fantastic deliveries last week - one was my Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 4 Lumio Gel Pen… the other was my second child. One I had been getting giddily excited about, knowing that when it arrived it would bring me unmeasurable joy; the other was a little baby boy. Both arrived quickly, and the delivery service on both was up to the usual fantastic standard of both Cult Pens and the NHS. I'd definitely use both again.'

'…proper old-fashioned customer connections.'

'Helping keep me creative, occupied and hopefully sane during lockdown - thank you.'

'I am in love with this site. It just has everything!... My life is complete.'

'Best customer service you will find online… only ever had a good experience.'

'I just wanted to let you know how much I love you… PS, please stop making me buy pretty inks from you... My pens are happy, but my bank account is not :)'

'Always the best - been a customer for over ten years… a stellar company.'

'… everything was dealt with in a really accommodating, friendly and professional manner.'

'Truly a passionate business.'

Customer Thank you artwork'These people give the impression of being somewhat potty - they even have a spaniel on the staff! … They give prompt, efficient, service and do exactly what they say they will… excellent folk.'

'… pleasurable, worry-free shopping experience…'

'… proper West Country service!'

'Excellent company, beautiful website, easy to use.'

'I love Cult pens. If you're a pen nerd (and who isn't if you're looking at their website?) then you're spoiled for choice. Dive in, select what you came for then explore beyond your comfort zone, make some brave purchases… And enjoy.'

'Why didn't I discover Cult Pens earlier? Solves all my stationery needs with style!'

'Now I'll be wasting even more time browsing this site ;)! I don’t NEED more pens or ink! Can't you run a more useful business? Dog day care? Turnip pies?'

'Fantastic to deal with on the phone…'

'… a vast range of quality stationary to suit every need and budget… excellent editorials and item descriptions to make online shopping… interesting and kind of fun. But to top it all off, they love their customers. Getting stationery is genuinely enjoyable when getting it from Cult Pens.'

'They are awesome… Cult Pens are a phenomenal company.'

'I love the range of products at Cult Pens - those quirky little things that slyly get your attention and beg to get into your basket.'

'They even send a bag of sweeties as a thank you (which perhaps they thought was amusing as, in my last order, I used my business address: my dental practice!)'

'I am sick as a dog, I can barely move… and yet - I was happy because my Penorama arrived… a newsletter so well-written and fun that it's a joy even when I am sick.'

Another Customer Thank you artwork'Everything about this company is great… When you do find a company as good as this you really want to shout about it.'

'If ever I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps… I have a click onto the Cult Pens site. Their selection… is really great. Plenty to keep me occupied until the worries have passed.'

'There really should be a warning before browsing the Cult Pens website, because… it is SERIOUSLY hard not to find yourself drawn by the myriad of unusual, practical and pretty objects that are on offer on their site! I really would recommend them for customer service, speed of delivery… but unless you want to be seduced by pens in all the colours of the rainbow and beautiful notebooks… then just take a deep breath, find the blue pen you were looking for, then do not look left or right as you check out. That said, if you do that, you will miss out on one of the best stationary websites that I have come across…'

And we don’t just get comments, you know, we get poems as well!

'A little ode for Cult Pens!

There's pencils, diaries, notebooks,

and pens of every kind,

plus stationery and accessories,

I really think you'll find;

their top class service puts them

simply heads above the rest.

They've had my custom for 10 years

Cult Pens are just the best!'

… and songs!

'Oh the weather outside might be…

Oh the weather outside might be frightful

But the guys at Cult Pens are so delightful

And since I need some new posca pens

Let's order Pens! Let's order Pens! Let's order Pens!

The guys never show signs of mocking

I've bought some poscas for my rocking

Thankfully their prices are always low

So there's really no other place to go

Let's order Pens! Let's order Pens! Let's order Pens!

Ordering online is a breeze,

The parcel arrives the next day with a treat,

Scoffing those haribos down might be a squeeze

It's a beautiful gesture, in fact quite neat.

My poscas are slowing dying

And my goodness I need some more buying

But I wonder do Cult Pens love me so?

Let me know! Let me know! Let me know!'

Get creative - #CultPensCreative.


14 May 2020


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