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Lisa Forde was so dotty about paper she decided to start selling some. And she named her company… The Card Gallery! Oh. So where did Dotty About Paper come from? Good question.

NotebookWhen Lisa was preparing to get married in 2002, she realised there really wasn't much choice when it came to wedding stationery. And - while nuptials shopping can be fun, it can also be pretty exhausting, especially when you can't find what you really want… So Lisa did what any self-respecting bride would do and started her own business supplying wedding invitations. And that was the company she named The Card Gallery.

But then they started creating lots of other paper-related products and as they wanted to keep the wedding stationery lines all under one brand, she launched Tree of Hearts in 2012. But it wasn't enough! 'We found that the name The Card Gallery no longer represented our identity,' says Lisa, 'so in 2017 Dotty about Paper was born!' Aha - mystery solved!

Dotty About Paper is run by Lisa and her enthusiastic crew of customer service gurus, designers and marketeers. She says: 'My role as managing director involves growing the business in many different ways. It includes everything from creating business strategies and researching new opportunities to successfully managing the team and making sure everyone is happy and productive at work!' Some of the staff members have been Dotty About Paper for 10 years, and the company also prides itself on providing opportunities for young people through schemes such as apprenticeships.

NotepadBased in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, Dotty About Paper outgrew their original premises in 2016, prompting a move to a beautiful 17th century Grade II listed riverside studio, which was originally two separate buildings. 'From the window we can watch the beautiful river Severn, making it an idyllic workplace,' says Lisa. 'Capturing quirky corners of our building to share on social media is a great way to help our customers connect with us.' Quirky? Oh yes. When they moved in, they decided that the two buildings would be better as one. 'We had planned everything meticulously, but when we actually knocked a hole through the wall, we found out the floors were not in line... There was a big drop into customer services! I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. The problem was later rectified with a staircase! The building really is that topsy-turvy - even now, the slanting floors mean our chairs tend to roll around a bit in the office!' Sounds like fun!

So just how dotty about paper is Dotty About Paper? Well - very dotty. If you're throwing a party, it's the place to look. It doesn't matter if it's a pool party, a tea party, an engagement party or a 90th birthday party: Dotty About Paper has everything you need. And life's events are pretty much covered too, from births to christenings, engagements to weddings and when life is drawing to a close. They've even thought of things that most people don't think about - until they need them. Like clothing tags for people in care homes, for example. They're just as likely as a schoolkid to lose a jumper. Not because they used it as a goalpost and left it out in the playground, but because it got scooped up in the communal laundry and the staff have to identify the owner.

PlannerBut it was their notebooks that we were interested in, being Cult Pens and all. We're very pleased to be able to offer a few of their bestsellers: it's Time to Shine with their glittery journals, and why not Earn Your Stripes with a Luxury List Pad? No scrappy bits of paper for your shopping list from now on, oh no! Or maybe you're a prolific scribbler? If so, perhaps the Chunky Notebook is for you, or try the beautifully minimalist-style Colourblock with its coloured page edges. And why not get your hands on a handily-sized desk planner for all those Fresh Ideas bouncing around in your head? Be-leaf in Yourself!

Lisa did. In the beginning it was all about supplying something special that had previously been rather thin on the ground. Now it's progressed to enhancing the product range, and concentrating on being really good at what they do. And, all their invitations, printed stationery and envelopes are lovingly made in Britain. Says Lisa, 'We can’t wait to see where the future takes us.'

4 February 2020


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    I contacted your Customer Services and Louise confirmed that in your tests the Dotty About Paper notebooks were fountain pen-friendly. It might be an idea to include that information in the descriptions on your web-site as I know it is important to many people who buy notebooks. Including me :-)

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