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Guest Post: Brad Dowdy - Shimmer Ink: Don't be Shy!

Will they damage my pens? Will they clog the nib? Will they be hard to clean? I watched from the sidelines as shimmer inks gained in popularity, yet I still couldn’t get past these questions for my own personal use.

We live in a digital world, which I am very thankful for when it comes to researching the analog products I love. People I know and trust - friends, bloggers, retailers, etc. - kept telling me that shimmer inks pose no issues, so I had to find out for myself.

I am now a shimmer ink convert.

The beauty that shimmer inks provide is unparalleled in the ink world. Not only are the base colors of ink vibrant, but the added shine of the shimmer makes the output on the page look like no other.

Two brands have set themselves apart in my shimmer ink arsenal: Diamine Shimmertastic and Robert Oster Shake n Shimmy. I am already extremely familiar with both brands' standard ink lineups and love them, so why not turn it up a notch?

Diamine Starlit Sea is the shimmer ink I had been waiting for, with its brilliant blue undertone, and pop of silver once it dries. It looks amazing on the page, which is kind of the point with shimmer inks.

Diamine Starlit Sea Ink

While I expected to love Starlit Sea, Robert Oster Shake n Shimmy Barossa Gilt was a big surprise. I’ve been trying to experiment more this year with my ink selections, and choosing a gold shimmer ink was part of that. I’m so glad I did because LOOK AT THAT PAGE!

Robert Oster Shimmering Ink

This is what you want to see from your shimmer ink. A great color, with that something extra that pops off the page.

I gave shimmer inks a try, and my writing is better off for it. I think it’s time for you to give them a try as well!

30 September 2019


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