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Guest Post: Doodle Me This

Doodle Me This logoA guest post from Doodle Me This, who makes lots of lovely simple drawing tutorials on Instagram and YouTube.

Doodle Me This drawing tutorial - PikachuWhy do I doodle?

I work full time as a marketing manager in London, and although I love it, there are times when it is utterly mad. In the run up to deadlines and big events, I can feel extremely stressed and anxious, and I find it very difficult to switch off in the evenings.

Around a year ago (at least 10 years since I had last picked up a pen and pad!) I started to draw. I initially started drawing with my niece and nephews, because they are crazy about arts and crafts, as I was when I was their age. I began sending them little tutorials – how to draw a cat or dog or sheep, etc. – and they loved them!

The more I drew for them, the more I found myself looking forward to getting home from work so I could send them something new. After a while I realised that when I was sat in front of the TV drawing a picture, I wasn’t thinking about work, or the deadlines that were coming up, or the emails I needed to send the next day. I became completely involved in what I was drawing, how I was going to draw a certain shape, and the colours that I would need. And that’s when I began my new hobby (addiction).

Doodle Me This drawing tutorial - BaymaxDoodle Me This

As my addiction for doodling grew, so did the list of hashtags, artists and bullet journalists I followed on Instagram. I spent hours scrolling, liking and commenting, and after a while I decided to create my own account to share some of my art. At first, I shared the odd drawing or typography, but then I started to post some tutorials, and the response I received was incredible!

There are several great accounts that share tutorials (check out who I follow on my Instagram), but none that I have found who completely dedicate their channel to these drawing guides. And so I decided to give it a go.

My Instagram account has grown more than I ever imagined it would and I feel extremely lucky to have gained so many incredible followers, and I try to respond to as many people as I can! I love it when people send me the drawings that they’ve done from following my tutorials.

Doodle Me This drawing tutorial - pineappleYouTube

Over the last few months I’ve had lots of requests for videos, in addition to my step-by-step guides. I was very nervous about starting a YouTube channel as I was worried that my videos wouldn’t be perfect enough, or I’d make a mistake (don’t you just love anxiety!?) But then a good friend asked me, ‘So what!? Why does it matter if your video isn’t studio quality, or if your pen goes out of the lines when colouring!?' And he was right... so what!?

I’m not a fine artist; I design my drawings for people who also aren’t fine artists, but who love to draw! I started my YouTube channel a few weeks ago, and I’m slowly building up my video library. Again, the response has been incredible, and I’ll continue to upload for as long as it feels fun!

Let’s talk about pens

To be honest, I haven’t yet experimented with lots of different pen or sketchbook brands, as I have found pens and pads that I love. I think that if you find something that works for you and gives you results that you’re happy with then you should roll with it! That’s not saying that I won’t eventually branch out in the future...

At the moment I use Uni PIN drawing pens and Winsor & Newton Pro/Brush Markers. I can’t fault either of these, and one of my favourite benefits of this combo is that the ink from the drawing pens doesn’t bleed when you colour with the markers!!

Doodle Me This drawing tutorial - flamingoOne final word from me...

My advice to anyone reading this who has a hobby, is that you should just do it. Start an Instagram account or a YouTube channel if you want to. Don’t worry about being perfect, just worry about being you! You’ll gain followers and you’ll lose some (I lose hundreds every week), but if you enjoy it, who cares!? You can find my tutorials on my Instagram and YouTube channels.

23 September 2019


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