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We're all taught to write in pretty much the same way, and shown the optimum way to hold a pen or pencil. However, we're human, and over time we develop our own style of handwriting, and preferred way of wielding a pen. We write big, we write small, we press hard, we don't, we're neat, we're not. STABILO recognised this and produced the Sensor.

It's a fineliner, but with a difference. Like many fineliners, it comes in a range of excellent colours: you've got your good old black and blue, plus green and red for annotating; and then there's lilac, increasingly used by teachers, along with turquoise, light green and pink. So there's pretty much a colour for most things. And also like many fineliners, it has a metal-clad tip, which gives it a bit of strength. It's also available in two tip sizes - fine, which (depending on how you write) gives a 0.3mm line, and medium, which is a broader 0.7mm.

But what makes it stand out is the fact that the tip is cushioned, which allows it to adapt to individual writing styles. It will keep up with a rapid writer, and put up with someone who likes to press hard. It also makes it a very comfortable pen to use. There's no need to check your speed if you're a bit of a scribbler, or to use more force than you'd ideally like, because the Sensor will cope. The cushioned tip also makes it perfect not just for writing with, but for drawing too, or colouring things in. It's a pen that moulds itself to you, not the other way round. It'll be whatever you want it to be - within reason!

3 June 2019


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