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3 Ways with Tombow by Journal With Purpose

Tombow's ABT pens are dual-tipped brush pens with water-soluble ink, which makes them perfect for a multitude of uses. Take a look here for three different projects. You'll need paper, a brush, mt tape and some clingfilm.

Project 1 Tombow ABT

1. Use some washi tape to act as a border around the outside of your page. I recommend using watercolour paper for this project.

2. Select some Tombow ABT pens. I have chosen 3 different blue shades

3. Create some wavy scribbles on your page

4. Apply water using a brush to blend the colours in together. I recommend starting with the lighter shade first, or otherwise the darkest / most prominent colour will dominate the other shades as it bleeds into them

5. Once dry, remove the washi tape. You could use this as a backing for a greetings card, add a quote, cut into bookmarks or use as a journaling card


Project 2 Tombow ABT

1. Use some washi tape as a border on your page. As before, I recommend watercolour paper for this project

2. Select some Tombow ABT pens. I recommend choosing a variety of lighter and darker shades

3. Create patterns all over the page, using each different pen

4. Add water to blend your colours together. Add water to your darker colour as the last step

5. Whilst the page is still wet, crinkle some clingfilm and lay on top of your page

6. Leave the page to completely dry

7. Once dry, remove the clingfilm and washi tape

8. The crinkles in the clingfilm will leave some great looking patterns within the dried ink


Project 3 Tombow ABT

1. Select two ABTs pens and any type of paper

2. Create simple petals to form a flower

3. Start the petal by applying light pressure on the brush pen. In the middle of the petal apply more pressure, to create a wider middle part to the petal. Ease off the pressure for the end part of the petal

4. Once complete, you could add a quote, or turn it into a greetings card I used a Tombow Fudenosuke with a firm nib to create a Thank You card

16 May 2019


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