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Meet The Artist: Phil Maltz

Phil Maltz Phil Maltz is the very talented chap who created one of the banners for our bi-monthly newsletter Penorama. He's married with 'two very creative and messy young children' and works in video production at a media organisation where most lunchtimes are spent sketching (and probably eating sandwiches, though we're not positive on that point). We managed to (Uni) Pin him down to find out a bit more about him…

Q: How would you describe your work?

A: My work ranges from highly detailed fine line sketches to slightly looser ink and watercolour doodles.

Q: What got you into drawing?

A: Drawing was always something I enjoyed as a child, and I was always encouraged to explore creativity, particularly by my grandmother, who has been around since painting was invented, and is my harshest critic.

Phil Maltz

Q: What are your favourite subjects/topics to draw?

A: I work in Westminster, London, and so I'm surrounded by buildings old and new. My work is a reflection of that. I'm really inspired by urban patterns and colours, and enjoy recreating brickwork texture, as well as natural patterns, like ivy clawing its way up a tree for instance.

Q: What are you currently working on?

A: When I joined Instagram last September, I did it to re-motivate myself creatively. I knew that my desire to succeed in growing a following online would focus my attention. Without that focus I'd probably be consuming Netflix or funny cat videos on YouTube, instead of producing creative content. So most days I'm working on a new sketch or painting. Every Saturday I create and upload a new process video, which involves recording a timelapse of a pencil sketch, which I then overlay with ink and then watercolour. Seven months later and I now have almost 50,000 followers!

Q: How long does it normally take to complete a project?

A: I tend not to spend too long on any particular sketch, unless it's one of my more detailed pieces which might involve drawing every brick or stone slab. I'm a glutton for this kind of punishment!

Q: What are your top 5 pens and pencils?

A: Uni Pin drawing pens, Sakura Gelly Roll gel pens, Winsor & Newton ProMarkers, Lamy Vista and Kaweco AL Sport.

Q: What pen or pencil couldn’t you live without?

A: I do love my Uni Pin fineliners above all others, as I've made a special bond with the nibs on those things. I treat them well and they don't wear down on me.

Q: Do you know when a work is finished or are you constantly tweaking?

A: Usually I won't go back to a sketch once the ink has dried. When the creative moment has ended, I leave it as such. Even if it doesn't appear finished, once my inspiration has gone I don't force it to return.

Phil Maltz

Q: What work are you most proud of?

A: I'm really proud of a fine detail sketch I did for my brother, of a house in Bow (East London). I really pushed those Uni Pin nibs and they worked their magic. I guess I had a hand in it too.

Q: What tips do you have for aspiring artists?

A: The main advice I give is, like the Nike slogan, just do it! Don't be afraid to make mistakes, learn from mistakes, experiment. Don't be offended when your grandmother says your artwork is boring, take her advice onboard, and don't take yourself too seriously!

Wise words indeed. You can see more of Phil's work on Instagram: @maltzcreative Phil Maltz

7 May 2019


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