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  • The Pilot FriXion Family

    The Pilot FriXion Family

    7 May 2019

    The FriXion Family… sounds like a futuristic sort of sitcom, a bit like The Jetsons or something. It's not though, although FriXion pens, when they first came out, were a bit futuristic! This was because Pilot, the manufacturer, had gone one step further than the ......Read More

  • Meet The Artist: Phil Maltz

    Meet The Artist: Phil Maltz

    7 May 2019

    Phil Maltz is the very talented chap who created one of the banners for our bi-monthly newsletter Penorama. He's married with 'two very creative and messy young children' and works in video production at a media organisation where most lunchtimes are spent sketching (and ......Read More

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