Spring Fling Planner Thing

Spring Fling Planner Thing

Just as there are more ways than one to skin a cat (if that's your thing), there are more ways to organise your life than just through journaling. And that's through planning. It's a little more structured than journaling but does the same job in that you can plan things (obviously), set goals, get creative and satisfy your stationery obsession!

UK Planner Addicts (UKPA) hold an annual meet-up for planning fans, and tickets are always sold out very quickly. Because of this, lots of local meetings now take place around the country, one of which was the Spring Fling Planner Thing, organised by Annabelle and held here in Tiverton. Helen of @journalwithpurpose and our own Calligraphy Girl Louise went along to get the inside gen on what planning is all about.

Like all these meetings, it was aimed at #planneraddicts looking to meet up with like-minded people to swap ideas and learn new techniques. The #ukpa and #ukplanneraddicts hashtags have been used nearly 60,000 times each on Instagram. And there were also stalls selling lots of lovely stationery and accessories useful for planning.

The 'planner addicts' are a little different from journalers in that they favour pre-designed layouts rather than creating them themselves, and most of those attending used pre-printed Happy Planners and Erin Condren planners, though there were also lots of Hobinichi users in the room.

As well as investigating planning, Helen was there to run a brush lettering workshop, and there were others dealing with stamping with ink pads and working with leather. Thanks to kind sponsors Tombow and mt, Louise just happened to have a few goodie bags on her that contained mt washi tape and two types of Tombow brush pens: Fudenosuke and ABT, all of which were gladly received by the planner addicts. The mt tape is decorative, low-tack and has many uses in planning. The brush pens are perfect for lettering, fancy titling and even illustrating.

Both Helen and Louise had a really lovely day - hop on over to Helen's blog for a few more details and photographs of the event.

5 March 2019


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