• Blackstone Inks

    Blackstone Inks

    29 March 2019

    Blackstone inks began in quite a roundabout way, coming from a discussion on Fountain Pen Network, but we'll come back to that. It's an interesting story, but you may just want to know what they're doing now. Well, they're making inks in Australia, with colours based ......Read More

  • ProMarker & BrushMarker Workshop

    ProMarker & BrushMarker Workshop

    18 March 2019

    One of the best Christmas presents I used to get (when I was under the age of 10, that is, and leaving the Chocolate Orange out of the equation) was a massive pack of felt tip pens. Simple, cheap, perfect. I can't remember how many ......Read More

  • Polychromos 111th Anniversary

    Polychromos 111th Anniversary

    13 March 2019

    1908 was a very busy year. Ernest Shackleton set off from New Zealand for Antarctica in the January, and a few months later Robert Peary went in the other direction from New York, heading for the North Pole. The publication of Baden-Powell's 'Scouting for Boys' ......Read More

  • Spring Fling Planner Thing

    Spring Fling Planner Thing

    5 March 2019

    Just as there are more ways than one to skin a cat (if that's your thing), there are more ways to organise your life than just through journaling. And that's through planning. It's a little more structured than journaling but does the same job in ......Read More

  • In the Garden With Pilot Pintor Markers

    In the Garden With Pilot Pintor Markers

    1 March 2019

    Spring has sprung, the grass is riz. Or so that peculiar poem goes. Having just experienced a very spring-like warmest February ever, we're definitely looking forward to 'proper' springtime, and possibly the loveliest months of the year: March, April and May. And what do you ......Read More

  • Meet the Brand: edding

    Meet the Brand: edding

    1 March 2019

    When you're looking for a marker that will do exactly what you want it to do, it's an edding that you'll need. It's a proper marker. It doesn't matter what you want to mark, or how (or even why), it'll perform just as you want ......Read More

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