Pilot FriXion Fineliners – a Review

Frixon Fineliners

The Fineliner is the latest in Pilot’s superb FriXion range and we think it’s pretty much perfect for journaling, but what do we know? We thought we’d ask our good friend Helen of @journalwithpurpose to take a look at them, and then we grilled her mercilessly…

Me: Helen, good to talk to you. What's the weather like with you?

Helen: Pretty good! Nice and sunny, bit cold though!

Me: Same here - good to have the blue skies.

Ed: Will you two stop talking about the weather and get on with the interview!

Me: Sorry.

Helen: Yes, sorry.

Me: So, what are the FriXion Fineliners like in general?

Helen: Brilliant! I love the range of colours and they include some nice pastels.

Me: How do they compare to the more standard FriXion pens?

Helen: I really like them. I have quite small writing, so the finer point is great for me. I also find them good for drawing diagrams and little illustrations.

Me: Do they erase well?

Helen: Absolutely! Any mistakes can be rubbed out really easily and the eraser tip has a flat edge to it which is great for when you need to remove just a small area. Also, you don't have to press too hard to erase the ink so you don't end up with big indentations on your page.

Me: Are they suitable for journaling?

Helen: Very much so. Some of my followers have admitted to being scared to start a nice new journal for fear of making a mistake and messing it up, so the FriXion Fineliners are perfect! You can just erase any errors and correct spelling mistakes and so on without having to resort to correcting liquid or taping two pages together. I love encouraging people to take up journaling, so if using FriXion can help people overcome the 'but what if I make a mistake?' barrier then that has to be a good thing. You can create really interesting effects with them as well.

Me: So they're not just good for correcting errors then?

Helen: Oh no. You can use the eraser to selectively remove parts of lettering or designs; it's just a bit different, and really easy to do. And you can always write or draw back in the missing bits if you need to!

Me: That's very true. So can I take it that you're a bit of a fan?

Helen: Definitely!

23 January 2019


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