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New Year, new you, so they say. Lose weight, get fit, get organised. Land that better job, plan that trip to Peru (other destinations are available) and make 2019 your best year yet!

Great! Lots of fantastic resolutions! Yay! Now all you've got to do is carry them out… Well that's the hard bit isn't it?

According to researchers at University College London it takes at least two months to form a habit. Presumably they mean good habits, as bad habits seem to be a lot easier to get into (personally I think I could fixate on a couple of ginger biscuits with my cup of tea in less than 24 hours; getting the blood pumping and the muscles protesting on a daily basis would be a tad harder).

Moleskine Diary in a Leather CoverSo how do you make yourself get up when it's dark and go bumbling around in the garage stumbling over bits of wood, the lawnmower and a long-forgotten (until you fell over it) cool box to locate your bike so that you can pedal away down the road and increase the efficiency of your heart? Can't help you with that (sorry) but we do have a simple suggestion as to what you can do to start forming good habits and consequently be in a better position to carry out your New Year's resolutions.

Which is… dum dum duuummm… do something about it every day. Not just on Tuesdays or a Saturday morning, oh no. EVERY DAY. And write it down - EVERY DAY. That's the key, ladies and gentlemen. We all like to see a bit of progress when we're taking on new things; we want physical evidence of the steps we've taken to improve ourselves. And while losing a pound (of weight, not money) may not be very easy to see, it's perfectly obvious when you've written it down. And it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Diaries and planners are tailor-made for recording stuff you need to do every day. A few minutes every evening spent scribbling down the day's achievements is good for the soul. For those of you who've been bitten by the journaling bug, you'll know what I mean: journaling is perfect for making, recording and sticking to New Year's resolutions.

As you may have guessed, we have an excellent range of products to encourage you to stay on your path and not be tempted to veer off and cower in the bushes. We have diaries, planners and notebooks. We have beautiful leather covers to protect them. We even have a few pens and pencils. Don't let a lack of tools hinder your progress because we have a lot for you to choose from. Really, we do. In all sorts of layouts, cover colours and sizes. And they start at just £14.95: that's 4p a day to keep your resolutions on track. Not bad.

Are you a no nonsense, no frills type of person? No problem - there are lots of black diaries and notebooks available. And black pens. Are you the touchy-feely type? Rhodia's Rhodiarama range of notebooks (a lot of Rs there) have flexible, tactile covers in gorgeous colours. Perhaps your bag is very small. If so, there are plenty of pocket-sized planners.

Leuchtturm1917 cater for pretty much everything when it comes to getting organised and getting things done. Their diary is also a planner: days of the week on the left and a ruled page on the right for notes. And if you really want to strut your stuff, try the gold version which comes with a free pen loop!

Moleskine Diary in a Leather CoverIf you fancy a Moleskine diary, you can choose from daily, weekly or monthly versions, in simple, classic colours and two sizes. There are even Harry Potter ones, which fit perfectly into beaded bags. Actually they could be the size of a supermarket and they'd still fit into Hermione's beaded bag. Though they may not be very practical to actually write in. And remember - "mischief managed" when you've finished writing in it.

If you like a little less structure when it comes to daily notes, try an Atoma - you can move pages quickly and easily thanks to the disc-bound system so you can organise your notes however you want. Or if you're a Paper Republic fan, all you need is the planner refill!

So buy yourself that diary, planner or journal. And some nice pens to write with, or coloured pencils to jazz it up a bit. Congratulate yourself every day on what you've done towards sticking to your resolutions, whether it was joining a yoga class or landing a job interview. Maybe you managed to order the wood from the timber merchant for the fence you've been meaning to build for the last several years. It doesn't matter: just write it down. So when the alarm goes off the next morning and you're lying there dithering over abandoning the duvet for a dash down the road, just think about filling in that day's diary entry later. And the smug satisfaction you'll feel - as you stroke the cover of your lovely new notebook - when you do.

9 January 2019


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