New Gift Ideas for Christmas 2018

Yes, we know how much you love Cult Pens, and you did all your Christmas shopping here last year. But that's a bit of a problem now, isn't it? You can't buy everyone the same things again this year, that just doesn’t look good.

It's ok! We've been busy this year, so here we present a selection of the best gifts, just chosen from new things we've added this year!

Monami PensSmaller Gifts

Sometimes, you need some little stocking fillers, and sometimes you just need a smaller gift for people. Well, we have lots of choice there, but new this year is the customisable Sliccies multipen system from Pentel. Show someone you know them well by choosing the pen barrel and refills you know they'd want most. The refills are available in three line widths and 15 colours, though, so you'll need to know them quite well! Or keep things a bit simpler with the Zebra Delguard pencil - there are still three choices of pencil, but that's a lot simpler than the Sliccies! The great part about the DelGuard is how it protects leads from breakage, making it perfect for people who usually snap mechanical pencil leads, but adds a certain freedom to scribble roughly for anyone.

Then there's the design classic from Korea - the Monami 153. The basic version is just 25p, which is definitely at the lower end of the 'gift' range, but they also have beautiful metal versions that add a bit of extra class to the classic - perfect for any Gangnam-style gentleman.

Designer Gifts

A joint venture between two great design houses - Graf von Faber-Castell and Bentley - has produced a range of pens with distinctive elements from both, put together beautifully in a set of top-quality writing instruments. And speaking of Faber-Castell, they’ve been busy. There are some beautiful new finishes for the Loom, and a whole new pen range! The Neo Slim is a nicely made metal pen with a enough weight to feel good and solid, without feeling too heavy, in a choice of finishes including the somewhat retro-style matt black, with black or rose gold trim.

Diplomat brought us some new finishes for the lovely airship-styled Aero range, including a fashionable burnt orange and the raw aluminium ’Factory’ finish.

Diaries and Notebooks

We’ve sort of shied away from diaries in the past, because stocking them brings some extra trouble - they go out of date, which most notebooks don’t. But we saw some wonderful ones, and really wanted to take the extra trouble to get them. It’s best done later in the year, though, when people actually want new diaries. So we needed to make a note in some sort of date-driven notebook. But we didn’t have one, because we hadn’t stocked diaries. It was a bit of a circular problem, really. Fortunately, this time, we got lucky and remembered. So we grabbed us some diaries from Moleskine, Leuchtturm and Paper Republic.

Notebooks were a bit simpler, and we’ve been a bit aware for a long time that one rather major brand was missing from our range. So we finally got ourselves a selection of Moleskine!

Cult Pens Ruitertassen notebook coverOne of the most exciting things from our point of view was getting our own range of leather notebook covers made by leather experts Ruitertassen. We already loved the covers we stocked from Calepino and Paper Republic, which both had a wonderful simplicity about them, so we wanted these to be a bit different. Ruitertassen came through for us with these 90x140mm and A5 covers, featuring card slots and neat leather closures to keep everything in place.

And the small covers were just begging us to get more 90x140mm notebooks to put inside, so we got notebooks in this size from Back Pocket. And the A5 versions were feeling left out, so we got A5 notebooks from Fa Vo.

And while we’re talking about new paper products, we can’t miss out the great little Troika Lilipad, with the handy pocket version of their tool pen - a great gift for anyone who likes to tinker!

Gifts for Artists

Know someone who is an artist, or at least a budding artist? Well, we know some things they’re likely to love! We recently got Derwent’s newest coloured pencil range, the Derwent Lightfast. It’s proving to be hugely popular with artists, for the quality of the pencils, but also the fact that their work will last much longer than with most pencils. They’re oil-based, and are made to resist fading for up to 100 years in museum conditions.

We’ve also started stocking Winsor & Newton - one of the most well-respected names in art materials. We have a great selection of their markers, including the much-loved ProMarker. There’s also the BrushMarker, the Pigment Marker range, and the wonderfully versatile Water Colour Marker, with watercolour paint in a pen with a fine tip and a brush tip! Or for those who tend towards a more monochromatic palette, and finely detailed work, Uni have added a few extra options to the PIN drawing pen. Along with the range of drawing pens with lots of tip sizes, they’ve now added light and dark grey, and sepia for some warmer tones. These are professional quality pens, and we know plenty of artists, cartoonists and architects who use them, but they’re also amazingly good value, so you’ll get more for your money when you treat your talented friends!

And what if you know someone who you know has the talent, and could benefit from a little nudge to spend a little time each day doing some art? Maybe they need to nurse that talent to get better, or maybe it just helps them to unwind and deal with their day. Well, Danny Gregory can help with his book Art Before Breakfast - the workbook gives them somewhere to scribble, too, all in one place. It’s a nice low-pressure way to encourage someone’s art.

Platinum ProcyonFountain Pens

It’s no surprise that we’ve added some new fountain pens this year. I mean, we’re always finding new fountain pens. But this year brought the Platinum Procyon, with a clever feed that can get the last drops of ink out of a bottle when you’re using the optional converter.

TWSBI GO fountain penThe TWSBI GO caused quite a stir when it was released. Like most TWSBI pens, it fills from bottles only, but this one does it in a new way. A quick push-action plunger fills it up with a single stroke, making it one of the quickest and easiest pens to use with bottled ink. For anyone who does a lot of writing, or loves their ink as much as their pens, it could be the perfect fountain pen.

Kaweco brought us the Student pen in a beautiful new colour scheme they’ve called ‘70s Soul’. It really stands out without being flashy, and could be perfect for a 70s soul you know! Oh, and if they’re a real Kaweco fan, they won’t want to miss out on the book Gutberlet Crossing Kaweco, the story of Kaweco’s history, told by Michael Gutberlet, the man who brought the brand back after its extinction, bringing the wonderful designs we have now, all inspired by Kaweco’s long history.

Faber-Castell introduced the new fountain pen version of their ever-popular Grip 2010 and 2011 pens, and we already mentioned the beautiful new finishes Diplomat added to their Aero pen above, but it includes fountain pens too!

Sailor Ocean Fountain PenWe’ve also continued expanding our range of Sailor pens throughout the year. Sailor is one of the most respected Japanese fountain pen makers, well-loved for their top-quality nibs, and for making their pens in a wide range of colours and finishes so there’s something almost anyone will love.


Robert the InkIt’s hard to love fountain pens without also loving their inks - one of the best reasons to love fountain pens is the huge variety of ink you can use in them! If your favourite fountain pen lover needs ink more than they need another pen, we’ve got you covered there too. We can’t not recommend our own exclusive sheening inks from Diamine. That means we have to also admit that we ended up naming them Robert and Maureen. Yes, we know. It started as a joke, but it got out of hand, and the names stuck. It could have been worse, at least we didn’t end up with Inky McInkface. Anyway, Robert is a beautiful purple ink with a bright green sheen, while Maureen is a vivid blue with a red sheen. They both look beautiful when they catch the light, and they’re lovely bright colours even when they don’t. The sheen takes the right combination of pen and paper to really shine, but that’s part of the fun of sheening inks - playing with the combinations to find out what works best.

Shimmering Ink from DiamineDiamine added some new colours to their Shimmering inks range, so even if you got them shimmering inks last year, you can get them different ones this year! Herbin also added the beautiful new 1798 Cornaline d’Egypte orange ink with silver sparkle. And not to forget Robert Oster, who added new colours to both their standard ink range and their Shake n Shimmy sparkling ink.

Special and Limited Editions

Special editions are usually variations on well-loved pens, in a new colour or finish. They’re usually only made for a limited time, and once they’re all gone, they won’t be available again, giving them a bit of rarity value. Because they’re usually based on an already-popular pen, they’re a tried and tested design given a bit of a stylish twist, so they make great gifts.

Sailor Purple CosmosSailor’s Purple Cosmos has been one of the most popular we’ve seen for a while, with quite a limited run. They sold rather quickly, but we’ve been lucky enough to get hold of more stock, so they’re available again for a while. Once this batch has gone, though, there won’t be any more!

Pelikan make some really great special editions, and a couple of their best ever are available now - the blue and red Stone Garden edition of the M800, and the lovely juicy Vibrant Orange M600. The M205 Olivine has been very popular too, with its muted green body being nicely offset by the polished rhodium-plated trim.

Lamy’s special editions are always very sought-after; this year's studio special editions have proved no exception to the rule, with the Olive and Terracotta editions in nicely understated shades of green and orange.

Lamy Studio Olive and Terracotta Editions

26 November 2018


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