• Herbin - Meet the Brand

    Herbin - Meet the Brand

    9 October 2018

    Herbin is old, very old. 350 years in fact. When it was established in Paris in 1670, France was still a kingdom and New Zealand was but a twinkle in Abel Tasman's eye. The company's founder, Jacques Herbin, was actually a sailor employed by the ......Read More

  • Guest Post: Brad Dowdy - The Pen Addict

    Guest Post: Brad Dowdy - The Pen Addict

    9 October 2018

    In this guest blog post, Brad Dowdy, known to the world as The Pen Addict, tells us about his his history with fountain pens and inks - over to you, Brad! I’ve cared what I’ve written with and on since I was a child. The finest ......Read More

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