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claire portraitClaire - otherwise known as Colour with Claire - first got in touch with us back in 2015. I can't quite believe it's been that long, but even I - with my dismal maths - can work out that if you subtract 2015 from 2018 you get three years, and that's how long we've been working with her.

And what a lovely person she is to work with! A 30 year old mum of two, she began colouring in 2014 as a way of combating anxiety and depression, conditions that are (thankfully) now being openly talked about instead of being swept under the carpet. She initially created a blog - Colour with Claire - in which she wrote reviews of colouring books so that other colourists could preview the artwork inside before making a purchase.

Claire contacted Cult Pens when she started venturing more into the tools for colouring - pens and pencils of course! - and the blog has expanded into what it is today: 'a place where anyone interested in colouring can learn more about their favourite hobby,' says Claire, 'including detailed reviews of pencils, markers, paints and other art supplies, previews of the newest colouring books, video tutorials of colouring techniques, free downloads & much more!'

tombow abtClaire's reviews are honest, very detailed, and her skills are plain to see. She really delves into the different art products and highlights everything that would make them particularly good - or otherwise! - for all sorts of applications, from colouring to rock painting. With so many products on the market, it can be hard for people to decide which ones to invest in, and Claire provides an invaluable service. In the past, she has reviewed Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils, Staedtler Fineliners, POSCA paint pens and Tombow ABT brush pens, to name just a few. Derwent's Lightfast pencils have been the latest product to undergo Claire's scrutiny. Have a look here: Derwent Lightfast Coloured Pencils Review for her in-depth evaluation.

A well-regarded expert in her field, Claire clearly loves what she does, and is a keen ambassador for positive mental health management. Let's hope our collaboration continues for many years!

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17 July 2018


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