Ruitertassen - When Tradition Becomes Passion

Ruitertassen leather notebook coversWe introduced you to our Cult Pens Ruitertassen notebook covers in the April 2018 newsletter, but only briefly! We thought that now - when people are planning holidays and should have something long-lasting in which to record their adventures - was a good time to give you a little more background on the lovely people who have made it possible for us to put our name to the sort of product that makes you go 'mmm!'

Back in 1925, when F Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby was published and John Logie Baird transmitted the first television picture, the Dutch family de Ruiter started producing satchels made with vegetable-tanned leather. They called themselves Ruitertassen.

Ruitertassen leather notebook coverThey're now sold all over the world, and have branched out a bit from satchels since then, though these still form a significant part of their portfolio. In 2000, Ruitertassen designed a range of leather bags stamped with the logo of probably the most famous school in the world - Hogwart's. Warner Brothers were so pleased with them they awarded Ruitertassen a special prize for product development - a full size Nimbus 2000 broom!

Luckily for us, they decided that stationery was a good area to move into, which is why we can offer their simple, sturdy pen pouches and the beautiful notebook covers that they created just for us. You can tell, because they've got 'Cult Pens' as well as 'Ruitertassen' embossed on the inside cover. And they've rather generously allowed us top billing!

They pride themselves on their leather. It's sourced from north and west European cattle, specifically the neck, and is tanned in a Belgian tannery using vegetable products. This means that firstly, the environment stays safe, and secondly, the leather remains firm - which is what you want when you're making satchels and notebook covers and pen pouches - but takes on a soft feel. And, of course, the more you use it, the better it looks.

Ruitertassen leather notebook coversObviously, a notebook cover and a pen pouch need things to go in them. You don't have to put anything in them - you could just put them in front of you and spend your time stroking them and smiling to yourself, but they work so much better when they're working for you. So why not have a look at our collection of A5 and 90x140 notebooks, and our range of pens - yes, sorry, that might take a while - and see which ones work for you?

30 May 2018


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