Pens for Kids Update - our 2017 Christmas Appeal

Kids getting their new pensLast year's Pens for Kids appeal resulted in 20,000 Staedtler Stick pens being donated to Build on Books, a charity that works hard to improve the lives of some of the poorest people in Africa. We recently received an update from them, to say that all the pens have been successfully distributed to some very deserving children in Sierra Leone. Rogbere Primary was one of the schools that benefited. Situated in the west of the country, it's attended by many disabled children from the nearby orphanage, and a few months ago the school didn't even have a roof, let alone desks and chairs. But now it has all those things, and a wheelchair ramp. And some pens now, too! The secondary students at St Clements in Waterloo were about to sit exams, and now have some lucky pens to help them. Pens also found their way to primary schools in the remote area of Pepel, and 186 were presented at the annual Independence Day party to children made orphans by Ebola.

Kids writing with their new pensCult Pens would like to thank Build on Books for making sure the pens found good homes, and you - our customers - for your generosity. Power to the pen!

30 May 2018


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