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It's safe to say that whatever type of pen you need, Zebra has probably got it. Want a gel pen in a great range of colours? Check. Have a small bag and want a small pen to fit into it, but one that 'Expandz' to make it comfortable for use? Check. Need a mechanical pencil with a squishy grip? Check. How about a fountain pen that you don't need to refill? Check. What about a smart all-metal pen? Check. In fact, the only pens lacking in their repertoire were probably the more creative tools: brush pens, calligraphy equipment, drawing pens and the like. But there is a gap no longer, because Zebra have introduced their Art & Craft range, and it's the perfect addition to their portfolio.

Highlighters - always a useful pen - have really come into their own in recent months with the journaling phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. Zebra have taken the humble highlighter and given it some bling with the Kirarich - it's sparkly! Sparkly enough to make you smile, but not so sparkly that it temporarily blinds you and detracts from the very word you're trying to highlight. And not only do they shine, the colours are pastel, too: another plus for journalers.

Modern calligraphy owes a lot to the brush pen as it's made this ancient form of lettering accessible to everybody who wants to give it a go. There's no need to fiddle with nibs or dip pens, or wrestle with bottles of ink, because the brush pen has it all in one writing instrument. Zebra's WFT52 and FD-502 brush pens go one step further, because they're dual-tipped. The WFT52 has a broad, flexible tip at one end and a much finer tip at the other; the FD-502 has a medium tip of soft bristles at one end and a fine, felt tip at the other. Both pens enable you to produce a wide range of line widths and contain waterproof, fade-resistant pigment ink so that your fancy lettering will last a lifetime.

However if you want to wrestle with bottles of ink and fiddle with nibs and dip pens, Zebra have you covered there as well. They offer a G nib, made from steel, which will fit a standard size nib holder. It's flexible, and great for fine calligraphy. If you want to be even more precise, Zebra also has an A nib, made from bronze, which fits their Maru nib holder. This is a super-fine nib favoured by Manga artists for drawing individual hairs, facial expressions and folds in clothes. And we have a fine selection of calligraphy and drawing ink for you to choose from.

The Zensations range rounds off Zebra's Art & Craft offering nicely. The Calligraphy Pen is available in three chisel-tip widths: 1mm, 2mm and 3mm. It's perfect for adding a bit of flair to your everyday writing, particularly as the archival-quality ink is quick-drying and water-resistant. The Technical Drawing Pen has a choice of six tip sizes and the nibs are steel-sheathed, to lend control and precision to your drawings and diagrams. Lastly - but certainly not least - are the Zensations Mechanical Coloured Pencils, available in two assorted packs. They're refillable, and the 2mm leads are bold, bright and blendable as well as durable and long-lasting. You can't really go wrong with these!

As always with Zebra, the Art & Craft range won't break the bank, so these fabulous pens are a great way of trying some Zebra-inspired creations. But if you do need to be tempted with a slightly bigger carrot, there's 20% off the whole Zebra range - for a limited time only!

5 April 2018


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