Amanda, co-founder of Cult Pens, went shopping to prepare for a trip to Hong Kong. She wasn't the only one #ShoppingAtCultPens, though - see what we bought and why, and let us know what you bought, and what you did with it. We'll let Amanda tell the rest of the story...


At the last count we had over 18,000 products on our website. The number is growing. When we started the business, we believed that there was a real need to supply the 'cult' pens that weren't available easily on other sites, and that people couldn't find in shops. What we didn't envisage and what we've learnt in the last twelve years, is that all sorts of pens are favourites to different people for different reasons. We work hard trying to bring you the products that we think you will love as much as we do. The Pilot G-Tec-C4 will always be a favourite of ours as it inspired us to start the website, and I still use one to this day, but every pen, pencil, notebook, sharpener on the website has a right to be there. Someone wants it. This has been proved over and over again. We have an incredible customer base who continue to prove our theory again and again and again.

Our Customer Service team are often asked for advice on what pen to choose. Let's face it, there's quite a choice.  Many people have told us that they've stumbled upon our site when searching for their favourite pen and are overjoyed to find us. The only problem is, they don't know where to look next. We have lots of tools on the website to help - useful category pages, and all sorts of ways to filter them; and a whole list of Collection pages, with things we recommend for various purposes. But surely nothing beats seeing real examples of what *we* do with the stuff we sell.

There's a fairly regular flow of orders through our system that come in from the people who work here, and I'm part of that. I went to pick up a purchase I'd made in February, only to see that Beth had made one too, then I learn that Louise is buying supplies as well. So let's start with us.

I was bitten by the journaling bug over a year ago now and it shows no sign of letting go. Simon and I were going away for a couple of weeks on holiday in February, so what better excuse to load up on some pint-size travel kit?

The notebook, pens and other things Amanda bought.

So my haul was a Leuchtturm notebook and pen loop, with a nicely matching Caran d'Ache pen, plenty of happy little clips, a pencil and an eraser for detail, and some mt tape.

I don't know if it's just me, but I find there is an incredibly satisfying feeling to having a notebook fill up. Just a month later and I have a fantastic notebook full of happy memories, inspiration, ideas, plans and random ramblings that I'll be able to keep forever. This is what it looks like now, a bit battered and bruised, but loved.

Same notebook, on returning from Hong Kong.

Unlike me, Beth and Louise clearly have artistic ability so their purchases have produced far more impressive results.

Beth bought Pilot Pintor markers.

Beth wanted to decorate her jacket with new Pilot Pintor pens and look how great it is:

Beth decorated her jacket.

Louise used her Ecoline ink, and most importantly, her calligraphic skills to produce this wonderful Mother's Day card.

Louise made a Mother's Day card.

So what do you do? Why not share it with us? Post on Twitter/Instagram with #shoppingatcultpens with what you bought and why. We'd love to see, and we might even share it with the world.

Go on, inspire us.

29 March 2018


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