Widnes Vikings at the Magic Weekend

Cult Pens is ridiculously proud to be sponsoring the Widnes Vikings Rugby League team at the upcoming Magic Weekend on May 20th/May 21st in Newcastle.

As you may or may not be aware, Devon - where we're based - isn't exactly a hotbed for Rugby League, so the connection may seem strange. I was brought up in Widnes, Cheshire, and whilst I haven't lived there since I was eighteen, it will always be home. #WTID (Widnes Till I Die) as they say up there. Not the most picturesque of towns, but what it lacks in looks, it more than makes up for in spirit. I spent a great deal of my youth following Widnes and that love and passion for the town and the team has stayed with me. I'm sure every sports fan shares a similar passion in following their team and sticking with them through good times and bad (and this season is particularly bad!)

Not that I talk about the Vikings much, but the snow globe was a Secret Santa present at work.

So what's the Magic Weekend? The Magic Weekend is a genius of an idea where all twelve teams in the Super League play in one city (Newcastle) over two days. Three games on the Saturday, three games on Sunday. So, what's magic about that? The best thing is the atmosphere. Imagine tens of thousands of fans congregating in one city for the weekend. Supporters wearing their team's shirts and mixing, laughing and drinking together. I've never seen any trouble. Spot a fellow supporter and there's a nod of respect passed between each other. Then there's plenty of top-flight rugby to watch. So what's not to like?

HerbieWhen Simon and I first started Cult Pens, I remember joking that one day I wanted to sponsor Widnes Vikings. It was just a dream. Okay, it's just one game, but it's still a dream come true.

When it first looked possible that we would be able to sponsor the shorts on the Magic Weekend strip, I asked a fellow Widnesian if it was insane. She replied:

"I've got no idea how much such things cost and no idea of how much of an impact it would have from an advertising/business perspective. But to see your logo emblazoned across the Vikings' 'backsides' would be a proud moment indeed!"

Thanks Joz, decision made!

So, how to link Cult Pens and Widnes Vikings/Magic Weekend?

I've had some 'interesting' conversations with a couple of suppliers on this. Fair to say, I had to use the phrase 'stay with me on this' a few times and there was a lot of laughter too.

Widnes' colours are black and white. What suppliers do we deal with that share this? Zebra of course. Our good friends at Zebra were happy to work with us on this, so for May and June, we're offering 20% off all Zebra purchases (even though the Zebra account manager's wife is from St Helens :) :) )

Northern Correspondent DerekWe're launching Derwent's new graphic range this month. Our good friend and 'Northern Correspondent' Derek has used them to illustrate this post (The Viking boat at the top of the page) and, for a limited time, you can now pick up 3 Graphic pencils for the price of 2.

And if you really want to push the Viking boat out, how about the Graf von Faber Castell Pen of the Year 2017, inspired by the Vikings (okay not the rugby team, the other ones). It's a steal at the moment at 10% off - only £2,655!

So, please support these offers and if you're free get yourself up to Newcastle for the 20th/21st May. It won't disappoint. I'll be one the smiling from ear to ear - even if we lose!

8 May 2017


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