Great Ormond Street Hospital - the Cult Pens Christmas Appeal 2016

Everybody knows of Great Ormond Street Hospital. it's a rock to cling to in a stormy sea, a bit of light in a dark room. It is, quite simply, the best place to be if you're not very big and not very well. Founded in 1852 by Dr Charles West, the original hospital had only ten beds and two doctors, but it was the first step towards lowering the horrifyingly high infant mortality rate that existed at the time. Since its humble beginnings in a 17th century townhouse, GOSH has gone on to become one of the world's best children's hospitals, with 389 beds and over 4,000 members of staff supporting the young patients and their families.

While the NHS meets the day-to day running costs of the hospital, fundraising income from the charity allows GOSH to transform the health and wellbeing of children and young people, giving them the best chance to fulfil their potential. The charity focuses on funding the redevelopment of the hospital, state-of-the-art medical equipment, programmes that help improve the experience of patients and families, and pioneering research that seeks to improve diagnosis and treatment for patients at GOSH.

Each year the hospital receives over 268,000 patient visits. Sometimes treatments involve the likes of genetically-modified T-cells, or ground-breaking microsurgery. At other times it's a friendly face and a hand to hold that makes the difference, and Cult Pens' Office Manager, Lindsey, can testify to this. She says:

"Our first visit to GOSH was in 1994 with our son who has cerebral palsy. Over the following few years the medical care and expertise he received changed the path and quality of his life. Not only was the medical care we received incredible, the supportive care we received as a family was immense. At that time the buildings (or some of them) did not make life easy for the staff, but this did not deter them in any way, or detract from the amazingly positive atmosphere."

To fund this extraordinary care, GOSH needs to raise an extraordinary amount of money every single year. And while an extraordinary number of people and institutions have got involved in fundraising over the years, including such notables as Queen Victoria and the Princess of Wales, Charles Dickens and - perhaps most famously - JM Barrie, who donated the rights to Peter Pan, the need for donations is never-ending. So, although we can't pretend to have ruled an empire, or written books, we are keen to support an institution that is close to Lindsey's heart, and are very proud to have teamed up with Uni-ball in supporting Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

It's very simple: Uni-ball will donate 10p to GOSH for every Uni-ball pen that's sold on the Cult Pens website from 1st November until 24th December - and we will match that. They offer a great range of pens, and there really is something for everybody, so it shouldn't be too hard to find a Uni-ball pen that's perfect. If you'd like to make an extra donation, you can do so here.

All help is appreciated. So buy a pen and help Great Ormond Street Hospital continue to do what it does best: put "the child first and always".

1 November 2016


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