Cult Pens Architecture Prize 2016

Once again Cult Pens sponsored the aptly-named 'Cult Pens Award' - a prize for Dr Manuel Cresciani's architecture students at Northumbria University. As before, the students were challenged with creating a series of six visions of a chosen street in such a way that viewers would feel that they had taken the journey along it themselves. The deserving winners this year were Eliza Wolfenden and Tom Deverell.

Eliza is originally from Bury, Greater Manchester, and is studying Interior Architecture. Being interested in old buildings and how they may be sympathetically renovated, she particularly likes the history lectures. She hopes to complete the full seven-year course and one day become a fully-qualified architect. She loves being in Newcastle as 'it's such a friendly city and always busy!' She chose Bridge Street for her serial vision, using white paint to emphasise the light reflections, and graphite pencils to draw the buildings; she then simply cut out the sky to show negative space.

Tom is from a small town near Cambridge, and went to Newcastle in search of excitement. When he's not playing rugby he's studying Architecture and, like Eliza, enjoys the history lectures, although he didn't think he would. He included people in his drawings, to emphasise the journey and to create continuity. His ambitions for the future include owning his own architectural business, and to 'live in a small but quirky house and own a green mini classic!'

27 October 2016


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