• Celebrating 10 Years of Cult pens

    Celebrating 10 Years of Cult pens

    13 May 2015

    In May 2015, Cult Pens celebrates 10 years of our unique vision of selling pens on the interweb. We'll be taking the afternoon off on Friday May 22nd to go out and celebrate as a team - so no orders shipped, phones answered or emails ......Read More

  • Tomoe River Paper

    Tomoe River Paper

    12 May 2015

    Tomoe River paper has been long-awaited. Many people in the UK have already used it, by ordering it in from other countries, with the delays and import duties that can involve. It’s famous around the world among those a little obsessed with this sort of ......Read More

  • Brass


    10 May 2015

    Brass in PensA lot of pens use brass in their construction, though it tends to be hidden inside, with layers of lacquer or other metals over the top. It’s dense, so a small amount of brass can be used to adjust the balance point of ......Read More

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