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Cult Pens Christmas Ad - Cult Pen(guin)s

John Lewis made an ad, and everyone seems to love it. It contains penguins, and penguins are awesome. We have a spaniel, though, and spaniels are awesome too. Well, that's what Herbie keeps telling us.

So we decided to make our own Christmas ad. We don't have the budget John Lewis have, but we're quite happy with the result. Only problem is Herbie now wants to talk to us about something called "repeat fees", so don't watch it too many times...

(Oh, and if you stick with it to the end, there's a little reward in it for you. Hint, hint. (It's OK, it isn't a Bonio.))

(Or watch on YouTube's site here.)

24 November 2014


  • Helen M 25 November 2014

    Love it! A good laugh for a dreich Tuesday morning.

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