Pens for Kids 2013

Thank you!

From where we sit, surrounded by pens, it doesn't seem right that for some children, being unable to afford a simple ballpoint pen can hold back their education. If you knew a child who was missing out at school for the lack of a pen, you'd give them a pen. You'd give them a whole pack of pens.

Well, that's just what we did - for every pack of pens you donated, we matched it with another pack, & delivered them to wherever Pens for Kids UK told us they're most needed. And with a little help from Staedtler, just £1.50, sent them 20 good quality ballpoint pens. Together, we can give children in some of the poorest places access to an education, & a better start in life.

Distributing the pensUpdate

Asante Sana (Swahili for “Thanks very much”) to everyone who donated a pack of Staedtler Stick pens throughout our 2013 campaign. We smashed our target a lot quicker than expected, and together we’ve shipped 21,000 pens to the Pens for Kids project in Tanzania. You can see how much of a difference these pens have made in the photos below, and there are plenty more ways you can generate more smiles like these, by continuing to support Pens for Kids here.

4 April 2014


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