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Touch Base with a Rhodia Touch

What makes a notebook stand out is its paper. Yes, the cover's sort of important, but it's what's sandwiched in between them that really cuts the mustard. And that's why Rhodia notebooks are so loved. The paper is, quite simply, superb. There's a Rhodia notebook for everything: from writing and journaling to shopping lists and meeting minutes.

Rhodia Touch Notebook for calligraphy And now, with the Rhodia Touch range, there's a notebook for everything creative as well. What's more, all the papers are acid-free, pH-neutral and vegan-friendly, and each is marked with a pictorial guide to the pens and pencils for which it's best suited.

There are notebooks and pads especially for calligraphers; it's not that they're marked with guidelines, more that the paper is really excellent for all the types of ink you might encounter in penmanship, from fountain pen ink to acrylic. The paper is beautifully smooth, made from pure alpha cellulose with long fibres to make it highly resistant to all types of nibs. Choose from 130gsm or 250gsm.

Then there is the Bristol book, filled with ultra-fine, extra-smooth, super-white paper that's particularly perfect for precision drawing. The 205gsm weight means it can withstand very fine or scratchy nibs, frequent erasing and multiple layers of ink without pilling.

The Marker Pad contains sheets of 100gsm extra-white, super smooth paper that puts up with the demands of marker pens: alcohol ones in particular, because it's bleed-proof, but also highly-pigmented fibre-tips. But you don't have to limit yourself to markers: it's also great for use with pencils, Indian ink and drawing pens.

And then there are the Pen & Inkwash books. Not just good for, well, pens and ink, but pencils, fibre-tips, charcoal and gouache, too. The 200gsm paper is light-grained which makes it particularly good for artworks in monochrome or which employ light colour washes, and it's especially suited to graphic art.

The whole range is - as you'd expect from a French company - stylishly presented, in timeless black and white with a 'touch' (ha!) of Rhodia orange. The pads have a sturdy back, so you can lean on them, and the front covers fold back completely, perfect for art on the go. The books are covered in very tactile Italian leatherette and are secured with elastic closures. Why not touch base with a Rhodia Touch?

26 March 2020


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