The Secret Life of the Pencil - Book and Premium Pencil Pack

Book - The Secret Life of the PencilIt started with the book. We weren't particularly planning to sell the book, but it was an interesting new book about pencils, so we wanted to see it. It's all about creative people, but from the point of view of the pencils they use. Instead of being filled with beautifully shot portraits of the artists, writers and designers, instead we get beautifully shot portraits of their pencils. It's fascinating.

There are also interviews with many of the creative people whose pencils we have seen, talking about their pencils and their lives. But mostly their pencils. It's the sort of book that could easily have been a huge coffee-table art book, but that would be too pretentious for the humble pencil. It's a beautiful book, but small. Portable. Convenient. Beautiful without being pompous. Arty, but not ostentatious. Like a pencil.

We knew a lot of our customers would love it too, so we decided to sell it, but we also wanted to make it even more about the pencils. So, when you buy the book, we'll give you a special pencil pack free with it. If you have any interest in pencils, you won't want to miss this, because not only is the book itself fascinating, and good value at £12.99; but the pencil pack we're giving you with it contains pencils and accessories worth over £20.

Book - The Secret Life of the PencilSo for just £13, you can explore the pencils of some top creative people, and also explore some top pencils to find your own favourite.

So what's inside the pencil pack? What pencils did we pick to put in the pack? Did Peter Piper really pick a pack of pickled pencils?

Sorry. It's the temptation of alliteration. Always gets us.

Well, the set contains some classics, like the Faber-Castell 9000 and the Staedtler Tradition. There are some beautiful designs, like the Rhodia pencil with its black wood and bright orange barrel, and the Faber-Castell Grip 2001. Some quality art-grade pencils, like the Staedtler Lumograph and the Derwent Graphic. And some more unusual things like the woodless Koh-I-Noor Progresso and the Caran d'Ache Grafwood. And a couple of the most respected Japanese pencils, the Tombow Mono 100 and the Mitsubishi Hi-uni. Add to that a metal tip protector and a Faber-Castell Grip eraser that doubles up as a tip protector too, and then we wrapped them all up in a transparent pencil case.

That's quite a set, and we're giving it away when you buy the book!

Oh, and if that isn't enough, once you've chosen your favourite, we have special offers on many of the included pencils, giving you a great chance to find the perfect pencil (or pencils!) for you, then get stocked up!

10 October 2018


  • Sarah W 9 October 2018

    Confession: I looked on it as buying an awesome selection of pencils and getting a book as a bonus ????

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