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New LOCLEN Pens and Pencils

It's not all that long since we first introduced LOCLEN to you, but we're about to do it again. It does make some sense - they've seen a lot of changes, expanded their premises, and have launched a number of new products.

Founder Carlo Vazzoler has now made LOCLEN into his full-time job, so he can devote all his time to his passion. With more time has come more ideas, and some of the new products are good examples of just what strange ideas Italians can come up with if you give them a workshop and a lot of espresso.

The Tekno-1 and Tekno-2 are quite minimalist designs, with knurled metal giving them some technical styling. And the Nanetto is a beautifully styled pen that almost makes you think they forgot the main barrel - it's tiny! It's still full-width, though, and chunky metal; and it uses a Lamy M22 refill, giving it a decently large ink capacity.

The Electa is perhaps the most unusual, though. It's a fountain pen, made of machined metal. It uses a converter, but doesn't need to be opened to refill, behaving more like a piston-filled pen. Cut-away sections near the top give you access to knurled metal, which you can use to wind the piston up and down, and cut-away windows let you see what's going on and check the ink level in use. The nib section is mounted on three sturdy rubber o-rings, giving a little bit of 'suspension', to make the writing experience even smoother. And the short metal cap can screw securely on to either end.

Remember that when the rest of the world saw coffee, we thought "let's pour hot water on it then filter out the lumps". The Italians thought "let's pack this stuff really tightly, then build a machine to force high-pressure water through it". Sometimes their crazy ideas really pay off.

When Cult Pens recently met up with Carlo again, he was keen to point out that now he's a full-time pen-maker, it's LOCLEN sales he relies on to support three kids and two dogs. And since Cult Pens itself supports Herbie, you could say three dogs! Buy Pens! Support your Italian craftsman!

24 October 2017


  • Graham H 24 November 2017

    Very amusing writing! Good stuff!

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