J Herbin Scented Inks

Your sense of smell is incredibly evocative, probably more so than any of the other four senses. Random scents can conjure up long-buried memories; they can make you smile with pleasure (newly-baked bread, fresh coffee), or wrinkle your nose in disgust. Some - like petrol, or maybe Marmite - produce different reactions in different people.

Being a stationery supplier, we like ink. And being humans (well, most of us) we like nice smells too (the spaniel is more interested in really bad smells). So when we received a delivery of scented inks, we were doubly excited! J Herbin, who have been manufacturing inks for well over 300 years, offer 6 inks that smell of flowers, fruit and food. There's Apple and Orange (green and… well, orange) - sharp, fresh scents that make you feel pretty sharp and fresh yourself. Then there's the blue ink and its soothing scent of lavender; and the romantic red ink and its delicate rose fragrance. But the one we all really like - especially chocoholic Lynn in the warehouse (I'll come to her in a moment) - is the beautiful brown ink that smells like chocolate. It's really nice. It conjures up thoughts of certain television adverts where a gorilla is playing drums to a Phil Collins track, or a dog is cruising past in a motorbike and sidecar combination. Yes, you know the company I mean.

The problem we have is that it smells so nice you feel you could eat it. And this is where Lynn becomes a bit of a hazard. We've put the orange, apple, lavender and rose inks on a middle shelf for easy picking, but the chocolate one has had to be stashed out of Lynn's reach: it now sits fairly near the ceiling. It's a bit inconvenient, and I'm sure the taller members of staff will soon tire of being summoned to reach up for the chocolate ink, but it's either that or lose our stock. You see the lengths we're prepared to go to, to keep our customers happy?

And I haven't yet mentioned the purple ink that smells of violets. Hopefully Lynn hasn't also got a liking for those little tubes of Parma Violets sweets..!

9 December 2016


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