Uni Chalk Markers

To give you an idea of just how versatile Uni-ball's Chalk Markers are, we asked a friendly sign writer - Zoe Rowley - to experiment with them and give us her opinion. Here's what she had to say:

'They're great pens - given that they are wet wipe they give a very bold colour on a solid surface which is good to know as normally I find non-permanent pens quite dull.

'The result in paper and card (the tags) was not as vibrant and as I suspected the nibs pull at the surface as they're wet. However on a chalkboard and glass they were very good quality and left no residue when I cleaned them off - just with a damp cloth. Other pens take a fair bit more elbow grease!

'I would thoroughly recommend them for internal use on solid surfaces but not so much as a marker for paper and card. They would need a couple of coats for that and therefore the paper would become soggy and leave a 'pulled' effect if that makes sense.'



7 July 2015


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